Leading-edge brand designers know that designing a brand today is far different than it was ten years ago. Their wisdom is fresh; it’s relevant; but there’s more: it has been combined with the practical wisdom that has kept the biggest brand names growing and relevant.



Brand Designers Who Know How to Build a Brand Know This:

What has kept brand names like Coca-Cola, Tide, and BMW significant for so long? And what has produced the rapid and recent growth of brand names like Apple, Zappos, and Starbucks? There’s no single correct answer; however, the best brand designers know that a little (or a lot) of any of the following will make a positive impact in most markets:

  • A purpose bigger than the brand: When a brand demonstrates its higher purpose (i.e. its values) in business dealings, communications, brand identity…it will attract those consumers who share and respect those values. And since engrained values rarely change, those consumers will likely be clients for life. This isn’t about being a hero of sorts, but simply conveying who you really are.
  • Flexibility in usefulness: Of course, a brand is created to satisfy a need or solve a problem. But how will it react if that specific problem becomes less pressing? How will the brand ensure that its specific use can change without its usefulness being affected? Top brand designers know that for this reason, brand management is a necessary facet of building a sustainable brand, and it must be worked into the brand design.
  • Public open-mindedness: In the past, brands chose a view, a path, a stand…and stuck to it. That’s still important for attracting the types of clients you want (as opposed to trying to please everyone), but it should also be served up with a side of progressiveness. Many successful brands are vocal about their willingness to listen to new ideas and to solve new problems that arise. This goes hand-in-hand with flexibility – without it, a brand will struggle to remain relevant.
  • Transparency of processes: The cloak-and-dagger flavour of old brand operations is out. Consumer involvement and personal relationships are in. It’s no longer cool to hide struggles or to spring surprises onto clients. Social media has spearheaded the transparency revolution, and consumers not only enjoy, but expect to be involved in launches, creative campaigns, and growth endeavours.
  • Creation of new experiences: No one forgets their first time – no matter which “first time” that was. When a brand is responsible for providing that experience, it will never be forgotten. For those who envision brands that deliver unparalleled originality, a search for pioneering brand designers is essential.

Brand designers are more than graphic artists. They are skilled, creative professionals who know how to communicate your brand’s core values using words, images, and colour. From logos, to brand strategy, to brand identity, to brand communications, they have studied what has worked, as well as what will work. Don’t risk your brand. Find out more about brand designers today.

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