It’s the reason you post daily social media updates. It’s the reason your brand logo accompanies all communications. And it’s the reason you talk about your brand and its benefits in both social and professional situations. It’s brand awareness. You strive for it because you know about its benefits.

Now, don’t misunderstand us. Brand awareness is a brilliant goal for any brand to have.

However, there’s something better…something that rests on a higher bar.

It’s Top of Mind Brand Awareness, and it’s not only more ambitious than regular old brand awareness, it’s more lucrative.

Allow me to explain…

Top of Mind Brand Awareness = on the Front Burner

You’ve heard the expression, “I’ll put it on the back burner.” If you’re a brand seeking to build brand awareness, that might seem like an okay response from a prospective client. At least they know my name, you think. When a need arises, they might remember me, you hope.

For the ambitious brand, simple brand awareness just isn’t enough. A high-reaching brand wants to not only be remembered, but wants to be a dominating presence in the brain of its ideal clients. It wants its brand’s name, its logo, its strapline…to be hot-and-ready when a need (or even a thought of a need) arises. It wants its brand to be ready-to-serve when a friend asks for a recommendation, or when a problem surfaces.


So, if you are the manager of a brand that aspires to be top-of-mind, how can you enact that state of readiness in the minds of those who matter most? At How to Build a Brand, we recommend putting the following guidelines into action:

  • Publicise important happenings. When people see that your brand is growing and evolving—rather than stagnating—they will be drawn to the drama of “what’s next.” Use press releases, social media updates, and even video to announce exciting things going on at your brand. This will not only cause people to label you “cutting edge,” it will keep your brand’s identity alive in the minds of your ideal clients, and cause them to feel invested in your brand’s growth and success.
  • Prompt others to talk about your brand. Ask for testimonials. Encourage referrals with rewards. Make yourself available for interviews. Buzz coming from many different directions will solidify a place of prominence in the minds of ideal clients; whereas redundancy from one direction starts to sound like a squeaky wheel. And by the way—be creative with your outlets. The more unexpected the source, the more eyebrows (and minds) that will be raised.
  • Prove your trustworthiness. Top of mind brand awareness is only as good as the opinion of your brand—in the minds of those who matter most. Trust (or the lack of it) can make or break any deal. Prove that you can be trusted by publishing testimonials from satisfied customers, making regular social media updates (scheduled for the same time every day, same days every week), and by following through with promises. Building trust will push your brand to the top of the pile…and minds.
  • Be the go-to expert. Seek out opportunities to demonstrate your expertise. Go online and look for people asking questions that you can answer—and answer them freely and without cost. Seek out people who are expressing problems—and demonstrate how you would solve them. Write articles containing relevant and useful advice. In short, give them a taste of what they’ll enjoy if they sign on with your brand. Being dubbed the “expert” in anything equates to top of mind brand awareness.
  • Market in all the right places. Do the research necessary to find out where your ideal clients (and their friends) are hanging out. Then, make your brand a “regular” in those places. Every time someone views your logo (and associates it with a positive experience), your brand identity is further solidified in the tops of their minds.

In order to maintain top of mind brand awareness, your brand must be always present, accessible, and available to the people whom you anticipate will need it. Remind them, regularly, why you are the expert in your field. Let them know that you’re always ready and willing to help. And keep them up-to-date on all the exciting things your brand is doing to make their lives easier, more meaningful, or just plain fun.

Interested in learning more about top of mind brand awareness and how you can establish your brand as the go-to in your industry? Join us for our next B.R.A.N.D. KickStarter Masterclass, where you will learn to build brand awareness, as well as other elements necessary for forging lifelong relationships with your ideal clients.

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