Butchers, banks, and barbers aren’t the only types of brands that require trust in order to stay afloat. In fact, trust is essential to the success of all types of branding strategies, no matter the nature of the brand.

In personal relationships, you might hear people say, “I will trust you until you give me a reason not to.” The requirements are a bit different for brands—more like, “I won’t trust you until you give me a reason to trust you.”

It is becoming more and more difficult to garner the trust necessary for building your brand. This should not discourage you, though. Your willingness to work to build that trust will set you apart from the competition.


Tips for Building Trust with Branding Strategies

Only through personal experience will clients come to trust your brand. So, it’s up to you to create the experiences that will instil confidence. Here are some pieces of advice from our branding strategies experts:

  • Keep your promises. You have a lot to prove. Do what you say you’ll do. This is the most basic, and most effective, tenet of building trust.
  • Do it different, and better. Strive to make every experience above-and-beyond what would be expected from a brand in your industry. Human nature dictates that we won’t take the time to go the extra mile unless we’re committed to making the journey an extraordinary one. Consumers know this, notice it…and learn to place trust in those who demonstrate it.
  • Prove that you’re human. This may sound silly (because of course, you’re human). However, when you consider how people have come to distrust technology (think about automated telephone answering services and how they annoy people), it becomes easy to see how personal contact will build trust.
  • Listen and then prove that you have listened. When people feel that you value their opinions, and that you care enough to elicit change based on those opinions, they will trust you to follow through—and trust that their words have clout within your brand culture.
  • Demonstrate your brand’s core values every day. When consumers sense a disconnect between your stated values and those that you demonstrate (or fail to demonstrate), they will have difficulty ever putting trust in your brand.
  • Put your personality on display. In general, people who are genuine in who they are, without apologies for their quirks, are believed to be more honest and trustworthy. Why? Because people tend to either hide everything or hide very little. Be perceived as hiding very little, and you will be easier to trust by those who share your core values.
  • Put people before the pitch. Focus on building relationships, on as personal a level as possible within your brand’s scope. For the same reasons that people hang up when they smell a telemarketer, they will shut down when they hear a sales pitch coming on. Make building relationships a priority, knowing that high-quality sales opportunities will blossom from them.
  • Be transparent. When no secrets policies are built into branding strategies, clients will feel not only that they’re privy to important information (and therefore feel invested in the brand), they will more willingly place trust in that brand.
  • Make building trust a brand goal. Put forth steps for doing so in your branding strategies. Educate your entire team on the plan. Engage your team so that they choose to actively work to build brand trust, every day.

A simple “Trust Me” is never enough. In many ways, building trust with branding strategies is much like building trust in life. However, there are some additional hoops to jump through for brands that want to surpass the competition.

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