If you’re under the impression that brand design is just a collection of pretty pictures and sharp colours that “go well” with your brand flavour, you’re not alone. However, brand design is so much more than that: It’s a science, an art, a discipline…something that, when left to brand design professionals, can help to catapult your brand toward success.

So, what do brand design professionals know that the average graphic designer doesn’t? Read on to learn a bit about the art, and the science, of brand design.

The Secrets of Expert Brand Design

Top-notch brand design is formulated only after extensive research into your brand’s values, audience, mission, vision, USP, and more. Poor brand design misses the mark…or fails to even locate the mark. Conversely, brilliant brand design (like that created by brand design professionals) does the following:

  • It uses fonts and typefaces that support the brand identity, work to build brand awareness, and communicate the brand’s message clearly. The font should not only support the brand’s unique design, it should be so seamlessly integrated that it’s virtually inseparable from the brand.
  • The best brand design is rarely the most formal, ornate, or complicated-looking. Ask any professional brand designer, and he or she will tell you that simple brand design, or that which looks as if it were simple to design, is often the most challenging. The irony? It’s also the most powerful.
  • Effective brand design inspires action. Almost surreptitiously, it urges an ideal client’s psyche to become vested in your brand, to join up, or to make that purchase. This is accomplished when a brand designer is well-versed not only in your target audience’s needs and preferences, but in the psychology of today’s consumer.
  • Impactful brand design delivers a transparent, comprehensive message within a few seconds or less. There is no need to search for an impression or look for significance. It’s right there – most apparent to your brand’s ideal client.
  • Its chosen colours are not only complementary to the brand’s mission and values, but are purely representative of them. Every colour (and every shade of every colour) broadcasts specific messages, which results in the experiencing of specific emotions. Moreover, most colours hold cultural implications. All of these considerations should be made when deciding which colours will build up (or detract from) a brand’s message.


  • Brilliant brand design not only shows that the brand and brand designer understand the importance of information hierarchy, but it guides the consumer’s eye around visual materials in a sequence that honours that hierarchy. It tells a story, with visuals, in a predetermined and orderly progression.
  • It never leaves a potential client wondering ‘What’s next?’ Great brand design anticipates your ideal clients’ moves, maps out the brand design to accommodate them, and guides clients through the steps that are helpful to them and lucrative for you.
  • Impressive brand design isn’t just about what’s there; it’s also about what’s not there. Whitespace, or blank space, helps to guide the eye, offers breaks in communication (for absorption) where necessary, and frames the most important elements of your brand message. An expert brand designer knows just how much whitespace to employ, for the most impactful and memorable brand design.
  • The best brand design takes a backseat to your brand; yet, it works tirelessly to showcase and support that brand. When brand design steals the show, it hasn’t been facilitated with expertise.

Expert brand design can be easy to overlook – especially when your top priority is presenting your brand to the world…in a hurry. How to Build a Brand recommends that you stop for a moment and consider the power of brand design and what it can do for brand awareness, the building of a brand identity, and the longevity of your brand.

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