What have established brand names relied upon to foster brand loyalty? Is it a catchy tagline? A moving mission statement? Or a top-notch product? All of these are important, but when it comes to nurturing brand loyalty, one thing matters above all else.

Brand loyalty is most successfully generated when brand names work to create the emotions that their ideal clients desire. In other words, brand loyalty isn’t about brand names at all – it’s about how those brand names make people feel.

Brand Names Build Brand Loyalty with Emotion

At the risk of sounding cynical, today’s consumer doesn’t care about how much sweat you put into building your brand. He doesn’t care about how much money you’ve invested, how much sleep you’ve lost, or how much of your life you’ve sacrificed to bring your brand to the world.

What he does care about is #1. He cares about how he feels after he’s interacted with your brand, no matter if that’s through a social media communication, a marketing experience, or a sale. When he comes back for more, he will do so because he’s searching to duplicate the feeling that your brand created for him.


What does this mean for brand names like yours? It means that in everything your brand does, the emotions that your target audience values the most must be a priority. Your primary focus should be on creating the feelings that define happiness, contentedness, fun…or whatever it is that your ideal client wants the most.

Building a brand identity and promoting brand awareness are crucial to building a brand; however, doing those things simply isn’t enough if you want to build a brand that sticks – one which people will go out of their ways to find. No matter how ‘big’ your brand grows, it cannot continue to grow unless you remember that you’re selling to real people who are driven by the desire to experience real emotion. This applies to both B2B brand names and B2C brand names.

What can you do to build brand loyalty through authentic, emotional experiences? Here are just a few practices that How to Build a Brand suggest brand names employ:

  • Know your audience. What drives them? Do they want to feel excited, secure, or intelligent? What words do they use to describe their most life-changing experiences? What do they value in an experience? Know the answers to questions like these, and you’ll be on your way to fostering the emotions that forge brand loyalty.
  • When you talk to ideal clients, ask them what they feel is missing from their experiences with your competition. Work to cultivate the emotions that your competitors have overlooked.
  • Associate your brand names with already-established events that stir the emotions your ideal clients are looking for. If the experience is positive and memorable – and your brand name and logo are highly visible – they will associate your brand name with that experience and will be more likely to choose your brand when they want a ‘replay.’
  • Never forget that at the root of your brand – no matter how large it grows – are human beings. They make decisions based on how those decisions make THEM feel. They do not make decisions based on how those decisions make YOU feel.

There is so much more to say about brand names and how they can work to establish real, lasting brand loyalty. Stay tuned for more from the brand experts at How to Build a Brand.

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