Our branding experts know that Twitter cannot be overlooked as a tool for developing your branding voice. Social media has become the primary method for departing from the purely professional and connecting with your audience in a truly human way.

Social media is THE method for fostering that ever-valuable marketing tool, word-of-mouth advertising. Twitter is one of today’s chief channels through which to gather referrals, recommendations, testimonials…and its reach is global and virtually boundless.

Read on to learn more about the power of Twitter, and how it can work to establish your brand’s voice, as well as a larger ideal-client base.

Establish your Branding Voice with Twitter

Why is a branding voice (or branded language) so important?

Not only does it speak directly to your target audience (because you have done your homework and you know what they need to hear), but it gives your ideal clients and supportive consumers the words they’ll need to spread the news about your brand.

When you choose words that speak of your brand’s values, vision, and mission (and you encourage your employees and affiliates to do the same), clients and followers will pick up that language. When they embark upon their own personal word-of-mouth tours, they will inadvertently use the language that you would choose for conversations about your brand.

In order to decide upon and employ your branding voice on Twitter, consider the following:

  • Ponder the human side of your brand. Express the passion that you feel for the purpose behind your brand. Infuse your Tweets with that energy and you’ll spark a contagious vitality with every branding effort.
  • When developing your branding voice, don’t strictly imitate your followers’ voices – the resulting language may seem contrived. Instead, mirror their concerns and interests while using your own, natural and conversational language. Remember, your purpose is not to be a friend – it’s to be the friendly face of your brand.
  • Don’t intrude into your followers’ lives. Instead, offer information that will add value to their experiences.
  • Choose someone within your organization to do the Tweeting. We advise that the person possess a good mix of tech savvy and an intimate knowledge of your branding voice. You can identify this person on your Twitter page or simply allow them, with guidance, to be a faceless branding voice.


Twitter adds a uniquely human element to branding strategies. The open, conversational tone that’s encouraged by the Twitter community will give you the chance the let your branding voice be heard. Your brand’s unique qualities will shine. You will differentiate yourself from your competitors. Your followers will help to spread the word about your brand, using the words that you would have chosen for them.

Not sure if Twitter is right for your branding strategy? Or confused about how to incorporate your branded language into this invaluable social media platform? Contact How to Build a Brand to learn more about branding, social media, and connecting with your ideal clients.

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