At How to Build a Brand, we are advocates of innovative branding strategies. We believe in staying ahead of the competition, but also in doing those things that are original and that fill consumer needs in ways that challenge convention.

Certainly, there are tried-and-true principles that all branding strategies should contain, but where there’s opportunity for ingenuity, we suggest that you grasp it.

The Super Powers of Ground-Breaking Branding Strategies

Of course, naming unconventional ideals to incorporate in branding strategies seems a bit counter-intuitive. If they’re recommended, they’ve probably been used and aren’t, therefore, unconventional anymore. That’s why we suggest you view the following list as examples of innovation, rather than suggestions.

  • Create an experience. Conventional wisdom in branding strategies tells us to make our brand identity obvious from the start – in order to promote associations. But how about grasping attention with an experience first, and then revealing the brand identity responsible for it? People drop their guard when an experience isn’t seen as a marketing ploy, and they will feel forever indebted to any brand that has created a wonderful memory.
  • Use creative business cards to generate a buzz and make lasting impressions. The possibilities in this realm are endless. Engage the senses. Make your business cards worth saving and sharing. Make them unique enough to start conversations and dramatic enough to end every encounter with a bang.
  • Use your most unique commodity to colour your consumer relations. Instead of the unimaginative billboard, newspaper ad, or television commercial, find ways to incorporate your products into unique branding tactics. Not only will consumers bear witness to your message, they’ll experience your product.
  • Buck the system. Make a list of standard components of branding strategies. Now come up with a way you can replace one, a few, or all of them with a more creative approach. You might consider skipping the billboard in favour of a living, human sign or a message created from a temporary, biodegradable material; or forgetting the television ads and replacing them with an innovative social media campaign.


  • Suggest the unexpected in branding strategies. If you’re a gasoline dealer, launch a carpooling campaign. If you own a restaurant, offer free portion-control advice to your ideal clients. If you sell jewellery, offer free consultations that teach clients that “less is more” when accessorising. This will send the message that you truly care about your clients’ experiences, as well as the world, the environment, and the bigger picture. Consumers will feel indebted to your brand and you will build trust – both of which contribute to the bottom line of your dreams.

The number of ways that branding strategies can break the mould is boundless. The limit is only determined by your own inventiveness. Think outside the box. Challenge convention.  

Branding strategies could be described as simply complicated. Learn to navigate the essential, as well as the creative, with branding advice from How to Build a Brand. 

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