What do you get when you combine high-quality website content, an amped-up article derived from it, and a request for contact details in order to access it? You’ve got a number of opportunities for building a brand that will put you in direct communication with the people who matter to your business.

Hello again, it’s Sammy Blindell, coming to you from How to Build a Brand with branding advice you can use in building a brand. Today, I’ll be talking about how to build the potential of the SEO web content you’ve created in a way that you may not have considered. Once you’ve uploaded your new webpage, and you’re satisfied that it’s just the thing Google is looking for, expand it into an article that is so juicy, so full of insider information and innovative ideas, that you can package it separately – as its own product.

Writing Articles, Capturing Data...for Building a Brand

Whilst writing the article, remember that building a brand is the goal. Use language that matches that of your brand strategy, to keep your communication positive in tone, to fill the article with information that readers will find fascinating and useful, and to think like a consumer – in order to keep the article’s fundamental value high.

Once you’ve created a rock-star PDF that addresses your ideal clients’ needs, upload it to your website and make it accessible in exchange for readers’ contact details. The concept is simple: you’ll provide useful, insider information that your readers crave, whilst collecting the data necessary for building a brand.


Once you start collecting readers’ contact details, here’s how you can use them in building a brand:

  • Write a regular email newsletter and send it out using the email addresses that have been provided to you through this method and others.
  • Conduct a direct mail campaign in order to capture the attention of those who appreciate letter box communications.
  • Text special offers, promotions, and activity invitations to people’s mobile phones.
  • Use physical addresses to send out coupons and other special offers.
  • Notify subscribers of seminars and events that you’re planning, and offer them special club discounts.
  • Invite people to complete surveys and polls with the promise that you will pay particular attention to their responses, in order to make their experiences better.
  • Email tips and tricks of the trade.
  • Send personal invitations to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media channel where your branding voice is in effect.
  • Any other way you wish to build your brand with contact – whilst always keeping participants’ preferences (like contact frequency, etc.) in mind.

Building a brand by capturing mind share involves staying at the forefront of your market, alongside (or up in front of) other market leaders. That means regularly using your branding message to communicate with your audience.

Use contact details to keep your people updated on current events in your industry, to reinforce your brand identity, to remind them how you can improve their lives, and for building a brand and a loyal audience for that next big thing.

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