Personal branding is a must-have in today’s branding scene. Consumers aren’t satisfied with buying from faceless entities any longer. Now, they want to know who you are, what you stand for, and even what you look like. Social media can help you to accomplish this, and today, we’re talking specifically about Twitter and how you can use it for personal branding.

Tweeting and Personal Branding

In the past, knowing how to build a brand with personality, without meeting people in-person, sometimes proved challenging. In many cases, cold calls and happenstance telephone encounters were your best opportunities.

Today, people have become more accustomed to adhering to a brand without meeting its team; however, they are still demanding a high level of personal branding in exchange for their loyalty. According to Statistic Brain, Twitter had 645,750,000 users as of 1st January, 2014, with 115,000,000 active users every month. That’s a broad audience, and a great way to feed little snippets of your brand’s personality to your ideal clients every day…or every hour.

Twitter is, in short, highly humanised communication. Its posts are brief (140 characters or less), but nonetheless customisable to your brand’s language. We think you may determine that Twitter can benefit your personal branding efforts. You may also find that, when implemented properly, you can Tweet your way to a communications mix that puts the “person” in your brand’s personality.

Before you start Tweeting Tweeple with personal branding in mind, there are a few things that How to Build a Brand recommend:

  • Establish a general talking point. For example, speak with a larger purpose, such as engaging your audience, raising awareness of your brand, reporting on current events, or providing customer service with a personal touch. And don’t forget to mix it up within the niche – for example, if your purpose is promotion, don’t tirelessly promote; offer advice and keep Tweeple up-to-date with current events and reading material.
  • Offer tidbits about yourself and others who are involved with your brand. You might be surprised at how interested people are to hear about your pets’ names, your favourite foods, or your weekend plans.
  • Follow others on Twitter. Listen to what they have to say and respond without blatantly promoting your product or service. Contribute to the community.


  • Recognize that in the world of Twitter, little is sacred. Your brand’s embarrassments will be made public, so it’s best to respond honestly and with forthrightness. Be transparent. Address your fumbles before critics do. Remember that personal branding is about people, and people make mistakes.
  • Use authentically human language to communicate your brand identity. Remember that while your business’s website will present all the details, Twitter’s purpose is to interact, connect, and infuse character into your brand.

Learning how to build a brand is an ever-evolving process. We’re finding that the integration of social media channels, like Twitter, has proven invaluable for brands that want to increase personal branding efforts (and experience the benefits that come along with it).

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