There’s an awful lot of worth placed on production, marketing, and business development for budding brands…and, of course, these things are important. However, there’s a tendency to put these carts before the branding design horse.

Today, we’re discussing the value of branding design, and why its quality and timing are crucial to your brand’s overall success.

Branding Design:  Every Brand’s First Task

Your brand is not what you say it is. It’s what a collection of people (hopefully your target audience) says it is. With that in mind, it’s important to start early with imparting crucial information about your brand.

This information will come in the form of text, but that’s not all. Some of the most valuable, foundational messages you’ll send will be visual ones – visual messages that accompany experiences that forge beliefs about your brand.

How to Build a Brand always recommend that branding design come before all else, so that you can ensure that all visual messages are in-place and working for you before you start building your brand. Here are a few branding design points that we rely upon (and recommend to anyone with a start-up, new business, or a rebranding project):

  • Communicate with Branding Design: Your brand’s promise, values, and USP (unique selling point) should all be kept in mind (and therefore communicated) with your branding design. This can be accomplished through targeted use of colour, lines, fonts, and more. Attention to these points will help to ensure that your ideal clients all receive the same messages about your brand (textually and visually).
  • Improvement over Reinvention: Generally speaking, what has worked in the realm of branding design in the past will continue to work in the future. This statement is not intended to promote copy-cat designs, but rather attention to the branding design elements that have worked for successful brands. Inventing your own branding design tenets can be a risky – and costly – practice. Instead, commit to improving upon tactics that have been proven effective. Study the branding design (and respective audiences) of brands like Target, Coca-Cola, BMW, Starbucks, and more.


  • Consistency: Whenever consumers experience your brand (hear about it, use it, see it, smell it)…there your branding design should be. In order for positive (and eventually, lucrative) memories to be made, your unique branding design (logo, colours, etc.) should be present in signage, on your business cards, on stationery, on your people, and anywhere your brand will be encountered).

If branding design doesn’t come before all else, your efforts to build a brand could be in vain. All of the experiences you create and message you send will be easily forgotten unless they’re accompanied by your branding design and logo. They are the cement that holds long-term memories in place, as well as the visual representations of what your brand means to all the people who matter the most.

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