When’s the last time you visited a website and purchased something without consideration of its benefits, its price, its reviews…in other words, have you ever made a money or participation decision without progressing through a lengthy decision-making process? This seemingly subconscious procedure is the product of effective brand building and positioning.

We all go through a decision-making process for every choice we have to make, whether or not we consciously calculate the steps in our minds. Effective web design and online content account for this truth, catering to users’ psychological needs, in order to usher them, effortlessly, through those steps.

Read on to learn how you, too, can further your brand building and positioning efforts with web design that escorts your visitors to the “YES.”

Brand Building and Positioning – and Sales – with Effective Web Design and Content


Here are a series of steps that How to Build a Brand recommend using as a guide for brand building and positioning, as well as for painlessly converting website visitors into participants:

  • Education: No matter how a visitor arrives at your website, it’s important to comprehensively inform him about what you offer, the value of it, and how it can help him. In this early stage, no assumptions should be made about how much this visitor may already know about your service. Be clear in the language that you use. Hyper-focus your efforts on the main benefits of your product or service.
  • Expansion: Now that your visitor is interested, your next job is to enlighten him with more details about your product. Now you can expand your focus to those benefits that support and enhance your product or service’s main benefits.
  • First-Time Participant Consideration: Your visitor’s first purchase or registration should be presented so that it’s easy to do and hassle-free. It should be introduced while your product’s benefits are fresh in your visitor’s mind, and there should be no question about how he should proceed.
  • Repetition: A return customer should find it simple to continue patronising your brand’s website. He should feel free to enjoy special advantages…special advantages that exceed those experienced by average first-time visitors.
  • Commitment: This is the most fruitful stage of your web design’s purpose, and a committed client should be treated as your most valuable treasure. This is your chance to get word-of-mouth referrals. Let every loyal customer know that he or she is valued, and that you will do what’s necessary to foster a long-term business relationship with that person. Make going anywhere else a virtual non-thought.

By keeping these steps in mind during web design and user navigation processes, your site will be more than a digital brochure – it will be a proactive brand building and positioning tool for your corporate brand, which will boost brand awareness, further your brand’s message, and enhance your professional profile and income.

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