What is your specialty? At How to Build a Brand, ours is building the perfect brand marketing strategy for your goals, meaning that we leave the accounting, the building maintenance, and the plumbing to the professionals in those fields. Rather than attempting to rewire a faulty connection, we call an electrician. Instead of making cakes for intra-office conferences, we stop by the local bakery.

One crucial component of any brand marketing strategy is your website. Someone has to build that website, promote that website, make sure that it can be found by all the right people, ensure that it’s appealing to your target audience…and let’s not forget design it – which is a specialty all its own.

My point? Unless you’re a web design specialist, you’ll likely find that the task is probably better left to a professional. Before the Web 2.0 movement of more than a decade ago, a website with only text and photos, and without interactive elements, was acceptable. Now, visitors expect more – making hiring a professional web design specialist an utter necessity.

Include Pro Website Design in your Brand Marketing Strategy

Today’s websites aren’t just bland presentations of text. Instead, they are memorable experiences (or at least they should be). If your brand marketing strategy doesn’t include a website design service that will make your website highly effective, then I’d venture to say that your ideal clients may be navigating away from it.  

Here are just two qualities that make professional website design a necessity for every brand marketing strategy:

  • Relevant, modern, targeted website development gives visitors opportunities to create and access accounts, order merchandise and services, pay invoices, make inquiries through email, chat with a representative, read blogs, view videos and slideshows, view interactive calendars, register for events and email updates, bookmark, and comment. Today’s websites are virtual playgrounds for the active, engaged consumer.


  • All of those modern website features should be nestled within website design that is not only attractive, but branded. Your brand marketing strategy indicates the colours, lines, fonts, images, and language that your brand should be using to communicate effectively with your ideal clients. Your web design should be no different. In fact, a website design expert with a proven track record will know just how to integrate your brand marketing strategy points into your website’s design – making its brand affiliation undeniable and unforgettable.

A content management system is required for many of the above-mentioned Web 2.0 features. Attempting to integrate this technology when it’s not your specialty can be a daunting task, which may result in a less-than-professional appearance for your website.

Remember: web professionals possess critical knowledge in the areas of colour, graphic design, mixed media integration, loading speed, SEO, online marketing, and much more. The quality of your website’s design will speak directly ABOUT the expert status of the web developer and web designer – and high quality will speak directly TO all the right people. What is your website saying?

Certainly, there’s no rule that says you can’t coordinate your own web design. In fact, there are plenty of resources to assist those who wish to tackle this momentous task on their own. But for best results, How to Build a Brand always recommend that web design be left to the specialists.

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