You are the exclusive owner of incomparable treasure.

Read that line again. Now, close your eyes and recite it a few more times.

Picture the individual items that make up that treasure. Hold them in your mind. Turn them over. Feel them. Really see them. Even if they're not tangible items, give them real characteristics that you can virtually experience.

Now, I want you to understand that even though you've created this very real list of all the things you have to offer that are over-the-top with value, you've still got more.

You've got things you haven't yet discovered, and things that you've grown so accustomed to that you tend to overlook.

Let's dive more deeply into this subject. Let's discover all you have to offer, so that what you're offering can be even more valuable.

The Treasures in Your Brand Vault

The most obvious things in your brand vault are the actual products and services you offer. They should deliver unrivalled value to your ideal customer, because they…

  • solve a new problem
  • solve an old problem in a new way
  • solve problem(s) that have developed as a result of solving an original problem
  • solve a problem whilst adding value
  • solve a problem in a quicker or more efficient way
  • solve a problem in a more enjoyable way

…and the list goes on. The point is that your products and services are treasures because they are not only valuable; they are unique and distinguishable from your competitions'.

In order to extract the full value and uniqueness from your products and/or services, answer these questions for each one:

  • What is the name of the product? The name should speak of its value, to its unique qualities, to its promise and its benefits.
  • What problem does it solve or pain does it relieve? Its name should speak to the problem the people who need it most are experiencing, or to the solution they've been waiting for (or will be pleasantly surprised by).
  • Who is it perfect for? Who needs this product or service the most? Who is in the greatest pain, and would most profoundly benefit from its promise? This is your ideal customer.
  • What results can they expect, and how quickly? This is your product or service's promise, as well as the thing(s) that sets it apart from the competition. These are the first questions that will enter your ideal customer's mind, so it's a great idea to answer them before their minds have a chance to move on to something else.
  • Why would they need it now? Sales are not closed on a "check back later" basis. Instead, urgency is key to the success of any product. Make it clear why now is the best time to buy.

Answer the above questions for every product and service you offer. Not only will completing this exercise increase your own awareness of what treasures you have to offer, it will give you the material you'll need to fully communicate that to your target audience.

brandNow, let's talk about the types of treasures that will enhance your products and services: the things that aren't so tangible, but that you will offer with every sale and every interaction.

They are your strengths, your talents, your passions…and they matter just as much as the physical products you're offering.

  • Your Talents: What have you always been really good at? What comes easily to you? And what are you naturally better at than most people?
  • Your Likes: What do you enjoy doing? And what would you consider doing every day, even if you weren't getting paid?
  • Your Passion: What can't you live without doing? What do you need to do in order to feel fulfilled, and to feel like you're living your purpose?
  • Others' Perceptions: What are those things that your family, friends and colleagues enjoy most about you? Why do they want to spend time with you? And what do they tell others about you?

The point of cataloguing all these points? So that you understand the intrinsic value held in your treasure vault; so you fully grasp the package that you have to offer to your ideal customers. Because when you know these things, you can communicate them in your marketing, as well as in every interaction you have with your target audience. When you embrace all of these treasures, every contact, every communication and every impression you make will demonstrate them with verve—an energy unique to your brand alone.

I am very interested to learn how this exercise benefits your sales numbers, as well as your ability to communicate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). I'd also like the opportunity to answer your questions and to connect you with other entrepreneurs with whom you can network. Share the good news with us—and learn in a safe, growth-inducing environment—in the How to Build a Brand group, where business owners from around the world are gathering to learn how to build their brands. Get in here! It's FREE!

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