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The Stuff a Real Branding Agency is Made of

Not every “branding agency” is the real deal. We have already talked about what a true branding professional can do for you and your brand, but let’s get more specific about what you should be looking for in your ideal branding agency.

A real-deal branding agency is a multifaceted institution. It should be able to prove, with real results, that it can provide spectacular results in all of the following areas:

  • Brand Name: Whether you’re naming your mother brand, a sub-brand, or a product under the brand, a professional branding agency will be able to create a name that is memorable, meaningful, Google-able, and able to usher your brand into the future.
  • Tagline: A tagline adds dramatic effect and/or further clarifies your brand name. It also clearly defines your brand’s main benefit. When written well, a tagline might be catchy, but above all, it will be memorable.
  • Logo Design: A logo is a representation of your brand, is easily recognisable, and will eventually become a symbol of all the emotions and associations stirred up by your brand.
  • Shapes: Lines and geometric shapes all send unique messages to viewers. A professional branding agency will be able to choose the shapes (for your logo and other graphics) that will convey the messages your brand intends.
  • Colours: Every colour – and every shade – sends a message. Choosing the colours that will best suit your brand is a task that should not be overlooked, and a practised branding agency will have the colour wisdom necessary for completing this task.
  • Sounds: Whether it’s a jingle, theme music, or the sound of your product or service at work, the noises associated with your brand will stir up memories and emotions every time they’re heard.
  • Taste: Obviously, foods have particular tastes that contribute to the building of brands. In addition to this, an innovative branding agency will never overlook the possibility of working the sense of taste into any type of brand.
  • Scents: Branded smells aren’t just for foods and perfumes. This sensory element should be explored for all brands – even those without the expectation of olfactory pleasure. It’s another memory trigger, which is essential to brand recognition.

These branding aspects are just the beginnings of what a professional branding agency can do for your brand. There’s more, though. After these basics are in place, a real-deal branding agency will enact a branding strategy, a plan for brand development, a personal branding plan, professional and creative brand designers, brand building and positioning, and the building of a corporate identity that is made to last.

There’s so much to know about branding, and the right branding agency can answer all your questions and build a brand to make your dreams come true. For more on the many functions of a real-deal branding agency, connect with How to Build a Brand on Facebook or email us on [email protected]

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