You’ve heard us say, again and again, that your corporate brand isn’t what YOU say it is—it’s what your ideal client (and the consuming public) says it is. However, before your corporate brand gets to that point, there’s an important exercise that every brand owner must complete. You might be surprised when you learn about where it all starts.

Who is the Ideal Client for Your Corporate Brand?

Your corporate brand revolves around the needs of your ideal client, and how he or she labels your corporate brand, right? Yes, to a point, that’s correct—but there’s more. In the beginning, before you name the demographic of your ideal client, it’s all about you. Surprised? When you learn why, the notion won’t seem so strange.

First, let’s start by thinking about the kind of lifestyle you’d like to live. What type of car would you like to drive? What kinds of holidays would you like to take—and how many? What type of home would you like to rent or own? What do your ideal weekend activities look like? Now, research how much each will cost and add it all up, to a yearly figure.

This is the amount you’ll need to lead the lifestyle of your dreams. Now, at least double that amount and you’ll know how much your business will need to bring in every year…and every month.

Now you know how much profit you’ll need to turn over—and subsequently, start to get a picture of the type of ideal client you’ll need to supply the money necessary to accomplish it.

How many products or services will you offer? This is important in determining your ideal client because you will, preferably, have at least two levels of products and/or services—one that could be considered entry level (most likely what your ideal client thinks he wants) and another that is of a higher level (your core product or service, which is what you know your ideal client needs). Now answer some pivotal questions:

  • What consumer pain does each relieve? Or what pleasure does each offer?
  • What is the outcome of each, and who will that outcome appeal to?
  • Of those people appealed to, what state of mind are they in right now? What type of language will promise relief from pain or delivery to a pleasure zone?
  • With consideration for the ideal client (whose identity should now be forming in your mind), how will each product or service move that person toward your core service?
  • At what price point does each one need to be set, in order to satisfy your income needs?
  • How many of each level product/service will you need to sell in a month to meet your income needs?
  • What language will you use to appeal to (and convert) your ideal clients to all levels of products and services?

At this point, you should have a clear picture and written description of the ideal client for your corporate brand. Now, you can begin to think less from your point of view and more from his or hers. Here are some questions that will help with that:

  • What does your ideal client need to hear right now—that will lead them toward your brand and spur them to action? Does a pain need to be relieved? A problem solved? A pleasure introduced? What type of language will foster that?
  • As you move forward, you’ll learn that each product or service will appeal to ideal clients in different legs of their personal/professional journeys. What language will you use for promoting each—at the levels you’ll need to sustain your goal income?
  • Where is your ideal client hanging out? What are his or her interests and hobbies? Who are his or her friends? How can I get my message into those circles?
  • What will my sales funnel look like? How many ideal clients should I target for the entry level product? And how many are farther along (or have already completed the entry level and are ready for more)?


It’s almost a disappointment to have to stop so soon, just brushing the surface of this, an intriguing and door-opening topic. Contact How to Build a Brand today. There’s so much more to talk about in the realm of your corporate brand and how you can not only identify your ideal client, but develop a corporate brand strategy that supports the lifestyle of your dreams.

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