What part does your digital strategy play in your overall branding strategy? If you say that without your digital strategy, there would be no branding strategy; or that your digital strategy is boldly present and pointedly dominant in every portion of your branding strategy, I expect that your brand awareness is strong.

On the flip side, if your branding strategy has been endeavouring to increase awareness as a separate entity from your digital strategy, or if your digital strategy is still on your to-do list, your brand awareness is probably at least a few laps behind the competition.

A Branding Strategy with Strong Digital Legs

If you’re like many business owners, you have little faith that your current digital strategy will bring you long-term brand recognition. That could be because you’re still viewing it as just a portion of your branding strategy. Digital communication needs to run through every department, every campaign, and bolster every other type of media. The branding experts at How to Build a Brand have been making this point for years: without integrating your digital strategy into every facet of your branding strategy, you’ll go nowhere…fast.

Not only do we teach businesses how to incorporate digital measures into their brand strategies, we’ve been teaching them to lead with them. Sprinting ahead of the competition is more than possible, it’s probable – but only if you equip your branding strategy with a pair of fast, strong, and powerful digital legs.

Here are some components of a good, strong digital brand strategy:


  • Your Website: Your brand’s website is your virtual storefront – the place into which you will welcome those who have the potential to become loyal clients and architects of a word-of-mouth phenomenon. Brand it. Make navigation simple. Use quality, relevant images. Create a network of links. Promote it.
  • Social Media: Talk about word of mouth! Social media is the word of mouth of the 21st century. Determine which channels best suit your branding strategy and post updates that will excite and engage your target audience. Don’t forget the hashtags.
  • Video: Incorporate video into your website and your social media communications. Host with YouTube to compound reach.
  • SEO: Everything that you write, upload, and share should be optimised using the keywords that your ideal clients are using to find products and services like yours.
  • Content: Google loves fresh content, and so do your brand’s clients and prospects. Write quality content that informs, entertains, and offers lots of value.
  • Online Marketing: A branding expert can help you to determine if organic traffic or pay-per-click is best for your brand – but no matter how you proceed, brand awareness must be built through internet interaction. This is where it’s at.

There are so many more things to discuss before putting your digital branding strategy into action. How to Build a Brand are here to answer your questions and to help you get that brand strategy in order.

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