You might call it an elevator pitch. You might call it your martini monologue. No matter your brand story (the short, but comprehensive, summary of your brand), it involves much more than you might think a one-minute story should – and has a lot more to do with personal branding that you might think it would.

Human beings learn and remember through story. Long ago, our survival depended upon the passing along of stories, and our brains have grown to not only respond to them, but to crave them.

Today’s consumers not only crave stories, they crave personal branding – the kind that puts a face and a personality on what might otherwise be an impersonal organisation. Let’s talk about how you can deliver everything they want – with your very own brand story.

[Compiling and Presenting a Brand Story, with Personal Branding in Mind]

There are two major areas in which your brand story should shine:  Substance and Characteristics.

First, let’s discuss your brand story’s substance, or the elements it should contain:

  • Values: Your personal values should be demonstrated through your brand story. In a genuine Show-Don’t-Tell fashion, your brand story should exhibit how you and your brand are the brand you want to see in the world.
  • Uniqueness. Your brand story should showcase your USP, or unique selling point. It should make big news of the big difference between you and your competition – not with direct comparison, but with something so exclusive that everyone will naturally recognise your brand’s exclusivity.
  • Future: Where is your brand going? What will its destination be as it moves forward along the path of corporate and personal branding success? Instil your goals and your dreams into your brand story, to multiply the personal branding factor.
  • Heritage: Where has your brand been? Describe the roots from which it has sprouted. This is a large part of its story, and a brilliant personal branding touch.
  • Quest: Your brand’s mission statement should be integrated, fluidly, into your brand story. What is your brand’s chief purpose? What change will it enact? How will it make people feel? How will it change the way people do things?
  • Purpose: There is a primary reason for your brand being established and grown, and this should be fully communicated with your brand story. What is the driving force behind it? What keeps it moving forward?


Now, let’s talk about the characteristics that your brand story should possess:

  • Clarity: If your brand story leaves people scratching their heads, your personal branding efforts will be less-than-effective. As you write your brand story, be critical. Will people be able to easily comprehend what you’re telling them? Is the language and the message simple enough that they can retell your brand story to others, with a high degree of accuracy?
  • Constancy: Does your brand story align with, and fully support, your brand’s presence in the world? Ensure that there are no discrepancies among your brand story, your branded language, your interactions with your audience, and the way you conduct business on a daily basis. Consistency is everything – it establishes credibility and builds trust.
  • Personality: In the true sense of personal branding, everything about your brand story should be indicative of the unique personality you bring to your brand. Use language and references that are uniquely YOU and you will harness the power of personal branding with the medium known as brand story.

Need help writing your own brand story? At How to Build a Brand, we understand how difficult it can be to put what you know (in your head and your heart) into words that will effectively convey what you know to be true about your brand. We can help. Simply contact us for more information on personal branding and brand story.

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