We’ve all received promotional products and corporate gifts, and many of us have given them. Let’s look at what incorporating your branding design into useful and relevant promotional products and corporate gifts can do for your brand.

Corporate gifts keep your logo, its colours, your brand name, your strapline, your products and services…in consumers’ minds. Even a pen bearing your brand design can spark an idea. A person may have looked at that pen every day for year, never consciously thinking about its branded design or the brand it represents; but when a need arises – there you’ll be.

Promotional products also create a sense of reciprocity in recipients. For most, the desire to give after receiving is strong. Often, an attractive or useful corporate gift can spark the will to buy.

Branding Design, Strategically Placed

At How to Build a Brand, we suggest putting plenty of thought and creative energy into designing the corporate gifts you will distribute. No matter if the recipients will be consumers at a trade show, existing clients, referrals, or those hanging out in a target audience hot spot, we always suggest choosing a promotional product that will get lots of use, and therefore, lots of exposure for your unique design and brand.

Here are just a few examples of corporate gifts that are relevant enough to their respective industry niches to grasp attention and keep it:

  • Key chains bearing your brand design: Great for any brand whose transactions end with the transfer of a key. Vehicle sales, real estate sales, storage facilities, car rentals, safes and safe-deposit boxes, property leases, and moving truck rentals are just a few examples of services that require the use of keys, and therefore, the viewing of a keychain on a regular basis.


  • Flash drives (thumb drives): If your clients are in the IT field, or if they’re students  on the run; or if your product is software that helps clients create documents that will need to be saved, for example, a flash drive might be a great idea. Every time a client inserts that thumb drive into a USB, your brand's design will be ripe for viewing.


  • Samples: If your product is something that can be packaged in a mini size (like perfume, a cleaning product, or food, for example), a sample bearing your branded design will not only speak for its own quality, it will remind recipients to pick up a larger size.


The corporate gift possibilities go on and on. I always suggest that they be chosen and designed with your target client in mind. What will he use most often? What will she be doing when she’ll need the item? How can you monopolise on association and relevance between the gift, the action, and your product or service?

For more on how promotional products bearing your branding design can build your brand, and for information on the creation of such products, email us on [email protected] or connect with How to Build a Brand on Facebook today.

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