“You should write a book.” It’s one of the first things people say when you have a great life (or business) story to tell. There are plenty of reasons to write a book. Books not only tell stories and impart knowledge, they establish you as an expert in your field and demonstrate your passion to those you would have otherwise never met.

At this point in your brand-building journey you might be thinking that writing a book is a good idea. You might be struggling with the idea of making that type of commitment, and you might even be thinking that what you have to say isn’t important enough to be published.

Well, writing a book isn’t just a good idea—it’s usually a great idea, and one that you shouldn’t put off for one more day. All those negative feelings you have about writing that book, all those misgivings, your self-doubt and fear…well, that’s just your personal safety net trying to tie you up and keep you in your comfort zone, where nothing good ever happens.

So are you going to stay in your little circle, existing where every day is the same as the one before? Or are you going to start preparing to write that book? To step outside that comfort zone and onto a path that leads to increased brand awareness, international visibility, high regard in your industry and greater profits?

Well, if you’re still not sure, stay with us. We’re about to talk about the top 9 reasons to write a book.

The Benefits of Publishing a Book

Before we get too far into the concrete reasons why writing a book will help to build your brand, let’s just take a moment to think about our own impressions of authors and books.

How does it change the way you see someone when you discover they’ve written a book? If you’re like most people, the respect you had for that person either multiplies, or the lack of respect you had for them is softened a bit.

Are you more willing to take advice from someone who’s had a book published? Most people see the writing of a book (even if it’s independently published) as a demonstration of expertise and social proof. We tend to assign more authority to the words of those who have been published, and for good reason.

So those are just your own cursory impressions of someone whose work has been published. Hold onto them as you add these 9 reasons to write a book:

  1. Learn more about your audience: A large part of writing a book is the preliminary market research. What other similar books have been published? How did your target audience react to those books? What did they say was missing? What are they searching for after finishing those books? You’ll learn a lot about your ideal customer conducting this type of research—all of which will benefit other processes as you build your brand.
  2. Learn more about you and your brand. You have a passion, and you’re expressing that through the building and delivery of your brand. As you write a book, you’re going to delve even more deeply into that passion. You’re going to stumble upon new ways to use it to deliver solutions. You’re going to see new paths and gaps where you can make a difference. And you’re going to be reminded on a daily basis why you love what you do.
  3. Build your bank of intellectual property. Whether you’re researching 17th Century Europe or the best ways to braise meat, the research you conduct during the writing of your book will enhance every future piece of communication with your audience, boosting your expert status. Not only that, this level of immersion into your subject matter will create a culture of turning information into practical, useful solutions for your ideal customers, making your problem-solving skills and new product creation very difficult to compete with.
  4. Prove your passion to your audience and to yourself. If any member of your audience had doubt about how committed you are to your mission, they won’t after reading about your passion to make a difference, in your book. And the funny thing is that after you’re finished writing your book, you’ll go into every day knowing that you’re doing the right thing with your life. You wrote a book, for goodness sake! That kind of undertaking isn’t fuelled by a fleeting interest, or a half-hearted hobby.
  5. Your legacy brand will go on after you’re gone. If you’re building a legacy brand (a brand name that will live on after you retire from it), a book is a fabulous way to keep it alive. Many books gain increased notoriety posthumously, meaning that your dreams of being known as the founder of the next Coca-Cola or Starbucks are increased with publication of a book that contains timeless wisdom, or subject matter that will endure through future generations.
  6. Your profile will be immediately enhanced. I can’t think of a better addition to your bio than “Author,” and you can add that the day your book becomes available on Amazon. Then, with masterful marketing, you can add “Best-Selling” to the beginning of that title, making your professional profile a force to be reckoned with. Whether people read your book or not, you will be considered an expert in your field, simply by publishing your work.
  7. reasons-to-write-a-bookAdd value to transactions. Whether you plan on giving your book away as a free gift, or enhancing other packages’ value with the addition of the book, you can use your creation to help your ideal customers to come to positive conclusions when performing your brand’s value equation (i.e. Benefits – Investment = Net Value).
  8. Prove your grit. We’re not going to lie: writing a book is hard work, and the process can be long and gruelling. However, like any other hard day’s work doing what you love, the labour you put into your book will be a labour of love, and you’ll go to bed at night knowing that you’ve earned not only the profit that the book will create, but the right to exclaim, “I did it!” The feeling of accomplishment will be like no other.
  9. Create passive income. When your book is properly marketed and offered for sale on sites like Amazon, you can bring in profit whilst sleeping, eating…even vacationing. Publishing a book is one of the best ways to create passive income, and we can barely believe you haven’t started yet!

I trust you can see the benefits in all of these reasons to write a book, and that you’re thinking more seriously about taking that leap. Not a fan of writing? Or you just don’t feel it’s one of your strengths? There are tonnes of ghostwriters and editors just waiting to help brand-builders with great ideas and the drive to get their book published. We can help connect you with one. Just join the How to Build a Brand group on Facebook (it’s FREE), and we’ll make introductions.

Many of the members of the Brand Builders Club have written a book, and each one of them has experienced unparalleled success in their own right. Plus, every member has access to a number of international writing and publishing experts. And you know what else they have in common? They want to help newcomers experience the same level of success they’re enjoying now. Join us for a Members Day. We want to meet you, hear about your brand, and help you create a 12-week strategy for promoting growth for your brand’s next quarter. It’s as simple as obtaining your V.I.P. Backstage Pass for an upcoming event. See you there!


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