The Entrepreneurs Essential
Brand Building Kit

The Entrepreneurs Essential Brand Building Kit includes 33 ‘hold your hand’ videos, that walk you step by step through attracting, engaging and converting complete strangers into new ideal customers in just four weeks.

The videos, audios and accompanying guides are perfect if you like structure and would like someone to talk you through each step, as you move through this guided process.

Whether you are building a personal brand, business brand or product brand, this kit is going to help you get the most exposure possible to whatever it is you want to drive attention to.

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The full training programme has been divided into three sections, to ensure you are taking each layered step in the right order. This will help you to create the right content and aim it at the right people in the right way, at the right times.

Stage 1…

10 Steps To Winning New Customers Through Social Media In Just 4 Weeks

This is NOT about showing you how to set up your social media accounts. This is about how you use your social media accounts to get the fastest visibility, most productive strategy and greatest results on your time and money investment possible.

Stage 2…

10 Steps To Creating A Buzzing Blog And Video Log In Just 4 Weeks

This will help you to put your content strategy in place and consistently position yourself as the authority in your field of expertise.

Stage 3…

10 Steps To Increasing Your Business Performance In Just 4 Weeks

This is all about making sure you’ve got the right systems in place to ensure that when you start driving all of these new prospects to your business, you don’t damage your brand by letting them down.

Steps covered in stage 1
  1. Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
  2. Where Are They Hanging Out?
  3. Where Should YOU Hang Out?
  4. What Content Should You Share?
  5. Where Can You Get Your Content Ideas?
  6. How To Drive Visibility To Your Content
  7. How To Build A Buzzing Referral Network
  8. How To Manage Social Media Etiquette
  9. How To Measure Your Social Media
  10. How To Manage Your Social Media As You Grow
Steps covered in stage 2
  1. How To Create Content Your Fans Want To See
  2. How To Make Your Content More Engaging
  3. How To Use Blogs & Vlogs To Get Top Google Ranking
  4. How To Realistically Plan Your Content Strategy
  5. How To Use Stories That Tell And Sell
  6. How To Use Blogging & Vlogging As A Training Tool
  7. What Is The Best Equipment For Vlogging?
  8. How To Edit Your Videos & WOW Your Followers
  9. What Is The Best Background For Creating Your Videos?
  10. What To Do To Get Started
Steps covered in stage 3
  1. Do The Right Things In The Right Order
  2. Create A Logical Journey For Your Customers
  3. Create A Visual Customer Journey
  4. The Power Of Givers Gain
  5. Your Treasure Chest Of Contacts
  6. Become The Master Of WOW Experiences
  7. Build Your CRM
  8. Building Your Brand & Your Business
  9. Sticking To Your Core Skills
  10. How To Outsource, Outsource, Outsource!

“When we started working with these guys, our business was nowhere to be seen for ‘Leeds Accountants’, ‘Accountants Leeds’ and ‘Chartered Accountants Leeds’. Now we are around the top of Google for all terms. Traffic and enquiries have increased substantially and last month we won a job because we were top three in Google. The fees from this one job alone have more than paid for our outlay. Needless to say we are absolutely delighted with the results and highly recommend you join this community.”

Andrew Charles, Managing Partner of Sochall Smith Accountants

Sammy Blindell – The Queen Of WOW Experienceseebbk-square-sales-page-image

A Note From The How To Build A Brand Team...

“Finding new ways to attract your IDEAL customers does not need to be complicated to be successful. There is absolutely no need to use a lot of complicated, expensive technology or confusing tools to make it all work. It can be VERY SIMPLE, VERY EFFECTIVE and VERY PROFITABLE. Our job is to help you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and give you the instructions to take action. Once you have the strategy and the knowledge of how to do it, you can accelerate your business growth as FAST as you want to go!”
- Sammy xx


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