How To Build A Corporate and Personal Brand:
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How To Build A Corporate and Personal BRAND

Should you be building a corporate brand or a personal brand? Will one benefit you more than the other? Or do you need both?

These are questions that have plagued every business owner and budding entrepreneur—and advice from branding agencies has not only changed over the years, it seems to change daily!

The branding experts at How to Build a Brand have THE RIGHT ADVICE... A 100% unswerving, consistently trusted and proven plan for moving forward with your branding strategy.

And you can have it for FREE!


You’ll get direct, no-nonsense answers to some of your most burning branding questions...

Icon: Pie Chart

What will serve me best?

A corporate brand or a personal brand?


Icon: 2. Gain

Will my corporate brand be helped

or hindered by a personal brand?


Icon: Graph steps upwards

What are the steps

for building a brand?


Icon: 4. Increase

In what order

should I complete those steps?


Icon: Enhance

How can I improve

upon the brand(s) I’ve already built?
Whether corporate, personal or both?


Owning a well-constructed brand will make your business more




And now the formula is easier than ever to follow, because we’ve disposed of all the bad advice you encounter at every turn.

And what’s more, we care so deeply about the RIGHT ADVICE making it you, we’re giving you this one for FREE.

Sammy Blindell – The Queen Of WOW Experiences How To Build A Corporate and Personal BRAND

A Note From The How To Build A Brand Team...

“We have seen far too many businesses operate as just that: Businesses. That’s not enough. Every driven entrepreneur needs a proven plan for building a brand. Without that, the business will suffer... to a degree that becomes progressively worse, year by year, until it endures the sad fate of the majority of companies. A brand is the manifestation of perceptions about you and your business, and when you consider that those who hold those perceptions are also the ones engaging with and buying from your brand, doesn’t it make sense to take control of that?” - Sammy


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