Do you ever get downloads? I’m not talking about the kind you stream from the internet and save to your computer. I’m talking about the kind of thoughts you stream from a higher place… thoughts that pop into your head and don’t leave you alone until you take action on them?

These are the kind of thoughts you have when you have no idea where they’ve come from, you just know that you are meant to do something about it and it won’t leave you alone until you do! If this has ever happened to you, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Just 14 days ago I had one such ‘download’...

I had just finished delivering a whole month of live mini-courses in The Brand Builders Club, training our members that week on how to innovate, create and launch a product start to finish. I’ve done this for over 1000 of my own products and online courses, so for me it is just like breathing. But for others who are just venturing into the world of turning their knowledge into products, as most of our Brand Builders Club members are, they find it much easier to have the process broken down step by step for them.

I always evaluate what I could improve or add to the training for those Brand Builders who will be going through it in the Online Learning Center after I’ve delivered it live and whilst reflecting over a glass of wine that evening, I started thinking about all the amazing products our members created that week. I thought to myself, ‘How lucky we are that we have such a supportive place to give and receive help. What a shame that there is so many millions of struggling business owners out there right now that aren’t getting the kind of support and ideas we are delivering at Brand Builders. What if there was a way to take a little pinch of magic from what the members of the Club know and pay it forward to all those business owners and entrepreneurs around the world who need it most? What if we could take our skills and knowledge and really do something good with it?’

This thought pursued me all evening, through to Saturday morning when a publisher friend, Andrew Priestley, called me out of the blue to find out how I was doing.

After a good catch up I shared with him my download from the evening before, not even knowing where my thoughts were going. But the power of sharing your idea just as you are having it is that the right person will help you to crystallise it. He said, “Sammy, I’ve just finished publishing a collaboration book in eight days. If you really want to reach over 1 million business owners, prove to entrepreneurs what can be achieved in a short period of time AND give back to charity at the same time, why don’t we put this to the Brand Builders Club members to write this book and make an immediate impact?”

I found myself saying YES, even though I didn’t have the time in my packed schedule! But Andrew and I have worked together for many years, so I knew that we would all be in safe hands with him at the helm. He also happens to be the chairman of Clear Sky Children’s Charity, which supports vulnerable and at risk children who have been through trauma and need support now more than ever before. I thought ‘what a wonderful give back this will be… to support 1 million business owners at the same time as supporting the kids who need help. We have to do this’.

Law-of-Brand-Attraction-Book-Authors-Sammy-Blindell-Brand-Builders-ClubWithin a few hours of putting a post out into the Brand Builders Club community, I had an all-star cast of 22 Global thought leaders ready to go and we had our first meeting on Zoom booked with as many of them that could attend!

I sent the list to Andrew with excitement...
Bob Doyle, Joké Hoetmer, Jennifer Louise, Jean Macdonald, Nikie Piper, Joanna Howes, Loubna Zarrou, Lara Lauder, Pete Cohen, Gayle Edwards, Amanda Frolich, Anne Hayes, Wilma van Dartel, Ruth Driscoll, Caroline Purvey, Kerry Bartley, Brigitte Keane, Ellen Loopstra, Martin Ramsden, Alice Law, Carole Fossey, Vicki Ibaugh, Sarah Cox and Marie Diamond.

“Brilliant line up!" he said. "What are you going to call it?”

I closed my eyes as I sat in the wheelhouse of our boat and waited for the answer – this is how I get my downloads and I actually listen to them these days as the cost has been high when I have ignored them!

‘The Law of Brand Attraction’ came to me. BAM that’s the title! This was quickly followed by ‘If this is going to be about the law of attraction Sammy, you’ve got to get Bob and Marie involved!’

1.Law of Brand Attraction Book | Bob-Doyle | Brand Builders ClubBob Doyle is a very dear friend of mine. He was one of my speakers on a cruise I ran back in January 2017 when I took 16 entrepreneurs masterminding on a Brand Builders cruise around the coast of Mexico. He was there with me on the beach as I launched The Brand Builders Club in February 2017 and he has delivered some excellent training as a Mentor for our Brand Builders to help them get started with public speaking via live streaming to create a truly Global brand message. We became lifelong friends and have hung out together in LA and the UK, sharing our stories and lessons about what we have attracted into our lives… the good, the bad and the ugly. Bob was there the night Greg and I got spiritually married and he technically made our wedding cake! He is one of those special five people that you can count on one had to reach out to if you need a loyal friend. He was one of the featured teachers on the global movie phenomenon ‘The Secret’ and is a household favourite in that movie.

1.Law of Brand Attraction Book | Marie Diamond | Brand Builders ClubMarie Diamond was also in The Secret. We met a few years ago at an event we were both speaking at. We hit it off immediately, going on to collaborate on several projects together and Marie has spoken at several of my main events.

There are many things I have changed in my life since first hearing Marie’s story and it is such a great story that demonstrates the art of saying yes that I just had to reach out and see if she wanted to be part of it. ‘YES ABSOLUTELY’ came the response and so it came to be, The Law of Brand Attraction was born just eight days later with 22 Brand Builders, Bob, Marie and me!

It was an intensive process and one that has already made an enormous difference to each of the authors who partnered on writing the book. There’s nothing like Global publicity to make you stop and think seriously about your brand and how you want to show up in the world! I immediately set to work with each author, creating their Fame Name and coming up with their chapter titles. I got behind each of their stories and found myself so moved by what each of these incredible thought leaders have been through to get where they are now.

Each of them have bought a depth of vulnerability to this book that allows you to reach inside their life and their business, guiding you toward how to make the positive changes to your brand and visibility strategy that will get you seen, heard and felt by every dream customer that deserves to know that you exist. Some of the chapters left me with my jaw hanging open as to how someone could go through all of that and still be shining so brightly to make their impact on the world. The ideas and strategies they share in their chapters are hard-learned lessons… Things they found out the hard and expensive way to understand what works and what doesn’t. Luckily you only get to learn all the things that work by reading this book!

Law-of-Brand-Attraction-Book-Cover-Sammy-Blindell-Brand-Builders-Club.jpg‘WOW’ I thought. If they can do it, then at least 1 million other small business owners can follow the advice in this book and do it too! And so it was born... The Law of Brand Attraction!

To be perfectly honest, I was so focused on making sure this book was a brilliant book that I didn’t think once about it becoming a best seller. Even when Andrew released the Amazon pre-launch links to the Authors to share with their friends on Thursday morning, I just thought a few people would buy it and then people would really start to buy it when the book officially launched at midnight on Saturday 9th May 2020.

You can imagine my surprise when after just over 6 hours, Andrew called me to say “Sammy, The Law of Brand Attraction Book hasn’t even launched yet and it is already at Number 2 across all of the major business categories on Amazon. Your book is at the top of categories that are virtually impossible to get into. We haven’t even launched it yet and you are going to be at number one within a few hours, because so many people are pre-buying the book!”

Law-of-Brand-Attraction-Amazon-Best-Seller-Sammy-Blindell-Brand-Builders-ClubI couldn’t take it all in. Literally within 8 hours of us sharing the links with our Authors, we had an Amazon Best Seller at No.1 in the U.K. in both the Home Based Business and Small Business & Enterprise Categories. We hit No.1 for both categories in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and No. 2 in the USA. By the following morning we were No.1 in Australia, Japan and America and it has continued to become a No.1 best seller in many more countries since.

We knocked Think and Grow Rich off the top of the charts, also knocking Brene Brown from the No.1 spot too. It really was the most thrilling experience to watch it rise and rise, standing neck to neck alongside the giants I have looked up to for what feels like all of my business career.

As I sit here in amazement and awe whilst writing this to you, I realise that it would have been so easy to procrastinate on it and say I didn’t have enough time. I could so easily have focused my time on something else, but that nagging feeling inside was not going to go away until I did something about it.

What has been nagging at you to take action on that you haven’t said yes to yet?

What have you been working on for far too long that could be changing lives with some focused commitment and intention?

Law-of-Brand-Attraction-Amazon-Best-Seller-Sammy-Blindell-Brand-Builders-ClubI approach everything with three philosophies in mind now that you can maybe adopt for yourself…

  1. I would rather regret something I did than something I didn’t do.
  2. I am doing the things today that other people won’t, so that in future I can experience the things in life that other people can’t.
  3. Say YES and then figure out how!

You can get your hands on your very own copy of The Law of Brand Attraction and support us to pay it forward right now by clicking on the best link for you here and buying your own copy of the book:

Many of the entrepreneurs who bought the book have also been super kind and shared the book out to their networks as well. If you could do that for us too, I will be eternally grateful 🙂

Royalties from The Law of Brand Attraction book go to Clear Sky Childrens Charity UK. Clear Sky provides play therapy for vulnerable children aged 4-12 that have witnessed or experienced a trauma. Visit Clear sky at

I would love to hear your thoughts on the best strategies you have used to attract your ideal customers below. You never know... maybe you will be in one of our next books!

Oh and if you are in a place where you are feeling the call to do something greater, to step into being rather than doing, or to take your existing business and build a movement around it, I urge you to come and join me at the next Brand Builders Thinkubator, which is a global mastermind run on Zoom for one hour every week to take away the loneliness of being in business on your own.

Everyone can benefit from being part of a mastermind as it's the smartest way to connect, network, collaborate and develop ways to build your brand. You are very welcome to attend as my guest and get an insight into the great ideas, collaboration and activity that goes on behind closed doors at Brand Builders. You do not have to be a member to join in. For more information and to book your place, visit and I will very much look forward to seeing you there!

Lots of love
Sammy xx

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