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Whether you want to put a new marketing plan in place to attract your ideal customers, or improve your customer journey so your customers spend more money with you more often, this FREE Business Planning wheel will help you to get your marketing strategy right first time.

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Follow A PLAN

That Works Every Time

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Easily & Affordably

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Put A Low Cost

/No Cost Plan In Place

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On Marketing & Advertising

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Spend TIME Only

On Activity That Really Works

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Build A List

Of Happy Prospects & Customers

Why is it free? Because we know you don’t want to make the same two fatal mistakes that millions of business owners all over the world are making right now. Plus, if we help you to build your brand and you love what our team at How To Build A Brand does, then you will hopefully help us to spread the word about how great How To Build A Brand is 🙂

Too many business owners are cutting corners, expecting great results and getting nowhere fast. It’s like setting your sat-nav and expecting to get to your destination without the vehicle. Cutting corners just isn’t going to get you where you want to go. That’s why we created this strategy wheel for success as a map to help you to get it right first time - without cutting corners. It has eleven key steps you can tick off to ensure you’ve got all the right things in place to build a strong business and marketing vehicle.

Once you’ve got the basis of the right vehicle in place, then your marketing will become so much more effective and you’ll know what fuel (marketing activity) to put in it to drive customers to you more easily.

We’ve received hundreds of testimonials from customers all over the world who have told us how helpful this wheel is. Now you can use it to help you too!

Simply click on the button below and we’ll personally send you your free brand communications strategy wheel right now!

Sammy Blindell – The Queen Of WOW Experiences Marketing Planning Wheel Preview

A Note From The How To Build A Brand Team...

“Finding new ways to attract your IDEAL customers does not need to be complicated to be successful. There is absolutely no need to use a lot of complicated, expensive technology or confusing tools to make it all work. It can be VERY SIMPLE, VERY EFFECTIVE and VERY PROFITABLE. Our job is to help you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and give you the instructions to take action. Once you have the strategy and the knowledge of how to do it, you can accelerate your business growth as FAST as you want to go!” - Sammy


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