We’re back with more email marketing tips, so you can build an email marketing campaign that will build your brand. If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

Build an Email Marketing Campaign, to Build your Brand

  1. Avoid images. I know, this seems counterintuitive—with all the talk about the importance of imagery; however, email marketing is the exception. People will be using a variety of platforms to view your emails, and some of those platforms will not load those images. So what will you have? Ideal clients opening your emails, seeing black space and missing your content because it’s “below the fold,”…not a great way to build a brand. On the rare occasion that you do include images, always ensure that those images act as links to your landing page, webpage, etc. This way, even if someone cannot view the image, they can click on it.
  2. Make unsubscribing easy. Yes, you read that right. Here’s the thing: if someone can’t find a simple way to unsubscribe, their next move will likely be to report your email as spam. Get enough of these reports, and all of your emails, to all of your recipients, will go straight to their trash folders.
  3. Include text version. Send your emails in html format, but always piggyback a text version. This not only gives people a choice of how to view your email, it provides those with only text-viewing capabilities to see it. Text is essential for some mobile users, and just one missed opportunity can hinder the building of your brand.
  4. Ask to be added. Want to improve your emails’ deliverability (i.e. keep those emails out of junk folders)? Then ask your recipients (in the emails’ text) to add your email address to their contacts list. This will mark your address as trusted with their server, and you’ll be sure to land in the inbox every time.
  5. Always test. The worst feeling? Sending an email to your entire list and then noticing that the formatting is haywire, there’s a typo, or worse. We recommend setting up a number of test accounts for all chief providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Outlook, etc.). Get into the shoes of your recipients, and know that everything’s in-line before hitting SEND. Another test is A/B Split Testing: a method in which two different versions of an email are sent out, and the results are tracked for each to determine which language/approach/flavour is more effective with your audience.
  6. Subdivide that list. Not everyone of your list will be interested in every email you send. Some have never purchased. Some are loyal clients. Some are already enrolled in a programme you’re promoting. And sometimes, everyone on your list will be interested in one specific email. How can you manage this? Keep live, active lists—each consisting of addresses for people at common stages in your funnel. Update them regularly to ensure that people are only getting emails relevant to them. Otherwise? You guessed it: they WILL grow tired of receiving irrelevant material and will unsubscribe or report your communications as spam.
  7. Maintain your list. If you have online sign-up, there will be people who input their own email addresses incorrectly. If you’re entering email addresses manually, you may do the same. Email accounts will be closed. All of this can contribute to a list that contains a large number of illegitimate email addresses. And what happens when servers detect this? Email messages from your company are automatically flagged as spam. Monitor your undeliverables and clean up that list on a regular basis. Also consider deleting anyone who hasn’t engaged with your emails for a year or more; this will increase your deliverability rating by as much as 5%[1].


  1. Never stop building that list. Take every opportunity to add email addresses to your list. Gather them at events. Include sign-up opportunities at your online places. Make it simple for subscribers to refer friends. Remember that every person on your list knows a number of people who will be interested—and they will know more, and so on. (One word of caution: Never add a person who hasn’t signed up. This is sure to land you on a spam list.)

Are you ready to start your first email campaign? Or to improve on an existing one? This is an exciting time, and one that has lots of potential to lead to great strides in building your brand. There are more than 250 email campaign platforms available to you[2], and marketers are still saying that email is one of their go-to sources for analytics[3]. So, it would seem that if you’re not using email marketing, you’re missing out on a valuable tool for building your brand. Now is a great time to complement this knowledge with our B.R.A.N.D. Kick Starter Online Masterclass, the perfect way to learn how to not only increase your profits, but to have more time and money to do the things you love. Click here to get started.

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