So, you're starting an email campaign? Or you're giving away a free gift in exchange for contact details?

What are you going to do with those valuable email addresses? Are you going to make the types of connections that lead to long-term, profitable relationships…or will you squander those precious brand building opportunities?

It really is up to you.

Let's talk about how you can squeeze every bit of your ideal customers' attention from that list, with an email campaign that converts.

Build an Email Campaign that Converts

In order to systemise your email campaigns, you'll want to automate the distribution of those emails—particularly in the beginning.

Here's an example of an email strategy you can use as a brand building tool, beginning as soon as people give you their email addresses:

  • brand-buildingEmail Type #1, Welcome: When someone joins your brand's email audience, welcome them as you would if they were coming to your home. Remind them how they signed up to receive emails from you. Express how glad you are that they've come. Let them know how eager you are to start helping them with [name their problem]. This welcome email could be the first thing that cements your brand in your ideal customer's mind, and it's a great time to reinforce the list of benefits they can expect to enjoy.
  • Email Type #2, Build Interest: Your recipient is now familiar with you and your brand, and it's time get right to the business of engagement. Think of it this way: If you don't keep their attention, someone else will. Think about establishing credibility and building trust. Offer them a gift or some information so valuable they think I can't believe I don't have to pay for this. Make it timely and relevant, giving them news or information about something going on now…which, by the way, is the time to show them what a great decision they made when they connected with your brand.
  • Email Type #3, Pure Service: This is all about adding value to your audience's association with your brand. Even if they've never purchased a single thing, you can show them what type of content, advice and information they'll get as customers. Again, this is the time to make them think If this is what I'm getting for free, imagine what I'll get as a customer. Service is the new and better way to sell, and if you coordinate this correctly, and you give people the opportunity to do so, they will often ask to buy before you suggest it. Send these service-based emails as often as you think your audience would appreciate them—as much as one per day.
  • Email Type #4, Sales: No more than once per week, give your recipients a clear path to make their first purchase. Name their pain. Intensify the sting of that pain by showing empathy. Give them a taste of what their lives will be like after your solution. And then, in no uncertain terms, make the purchase as simple as a click.
  • Email Type #5, VIP: As you continue your brand building email campaigns and the business that results from them, you will begin to notice a few customers who are true brand advocates. They will write testimonials, recommend your brand and talk about it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Place the email addresses of those people in a separate category. Offer them more, in the form of membership, insider advice, free gifts…or whatever you know your loyal customers will appreciate most.

Always use provocative subject lines and personalise each communication with the name of the subscriber. You may even want to segment your audience and send unique email sequences to each—depending on how your audience is divided. The more special you make each recipient feel, the more effective each campaign will be. And the best way to accomplish this is to fully understand the needs of not only your audience, but every individual sector of your audience.

This just a general outline of the types of emails you should be sending to your list. Above all, I would like to reiterate the importance of welcoming new members, and always putting serving above selling.

Should you have questions about your current email campaign or how you should start your first one (or a new one), sign up for a 1-Hour Intensive Brand Audit with Yours Truly. We'll talk about your brand values, your goals, your vision and mission, your brand building strategy, the email management software that will best suit your needs, and much more.

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