Whether you’re doing your own brand’s marketing or you’re paying someone else to do it, you know that it’s not cheap—it costs a lot of time or a lot of money…or a lot of both.

And for that reason, it’s crucial that you get it right the first time—to save time and money, and maybe more importantly, to make sure you make the right impressions the first time. One bad marketing campaign can taint your brand’s image and turn your ideal customers against it.

The right marketing campaign, on the other hand, can have a brilliant effect on your efforts to not only make your brand more visible, but to make it more trustworthy.

Today, I’m talking about some of the most common mistakes in marketing, and how you can avoid them. Join me.

Common Marketing Mistakes, with Universally Bad Results

Why do brand-builders keep making the same marketing mistakes, over and over? There are a lot of opinions out on this one; however, I would venture to say it’s because they feel an urgency to get their brands out into the world, and skip learning about how to put it out there in the right way, to the right people and at the right time.

One week’s worth—or one month’s worth—of preparation, to get it right the first time, could mean the difference between a brilliant brand and, well…a flop.marketing-mistakes

If I could say one thing to you before you launch your next marketing campaign, it would be this: Learn from marketing history, so you don’t make the same old mistakes that are draining other brands’ capital and damaging their reputations.

Where can I learn about those mistakes you ask? Surely, you knew I was going to give them to you, right? Here goes…

  • Failure to Conduct Research: Too many marketing campaigns are launched based solely on what the business owner thinks his ideal customer wants to hear. Before creating your next campaign, I would suggest conducting a survey, interviewing some of your ideal customers, analysing competitors’ results in different markets and with different messages, and testing mini-campaigns in closed groups. Really listen to what your audience is talking about. Learn about their problems, pains, needs and wants, so you can deliver campaigns that not only get their attention, but remind them why you’re the perfect brand for them.
  • Skipping the Positioning: Your brand’s unique space in the market needs to be identified before you can expect your marketing campaigns to be successful. Being vague and throwing a general campaign into the ring will only serve to confuse your audience. Instead, always identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), so that consumers know what makes you different from the competition. Demonstrate this USP in your marketing campaigns, so that you can appeal to those people who are looking for exactly what you’re offering. An unfocussed, watered-down campaign will attract unfocussed, watered-down customers at first…and will eventually fail to attract even them.
  • Focussing Solely on New Customer Acquisition: You can expect your brand to get 80% of its future business from existing customers, so you should be working to stay top of their minds. Loyalty is priceless. Long-time customers not only trust in your brand and buy from it again and again, they recommend it to others more than first-time buyers do. Add that to the fact that it costs far more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current one happy, and it makes sense to follow your loyal customers and put your brand in front of them, too.
  • Lack of Attention to Consumer Trends: Does this mean that every technology and communication trend needs to be integrated into your marketing campaigns? No. What it does mean is that a keen eye should be focussed on the ways in which consumers, in general, prefer to interact, communicate and receive services. That same keen eye needs to then turn to your specific audience, to learn about which trends they’re choosing to adopt. Attention to consumer trends will almost always results in [profitable] changes to your campaigns.
  • Launching Campaigns in the Wrong Places: Where are your ideal customers spending their time? Where are they when they absorb information? And at what times and in what situations are they most receptive to messages? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, your marketing campaigns are probably missing your target audience. Do your homework. Dig up the answers to these questions. Then, and only then, should your campaigns be launched where they’ll get the most exposure and make the biggest impact. This is good time to think unconventionally. Maybe your audience members aren’t digesting information on social media. Maybe they’re more of the billboard or television ad crowd. The only way to know is to seek them out and get in there.
  • “Saving” Money on Editing: You know it’s really difficult to pick out your own mistakes, right? And a grammar, spelling or punctuation mistake in a marketing campaign is a huge deal. Some say it’s not, but I offer this to you: If your ideal customers think you don’t want to spend time proofreading, how are they supposed to trust that you want to spend time making sure your products, and the services you offer to them, are of the highest quality? I suggest that you spend a few pounds (Fiverr?) and hire a proofreader. It will save face for your brand, as well as the money you’ll need to spend to repair your brand’s reputation after an error.

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