Two of the most valuable assets your brand will ever have are its clients and its team members. You've spent endless hours creating a marketing strategy to attract your ideal customers, along with a hiring strategy to build your power team.

And yet, it has never occurred to you that you can kill two birds with one stone…or more appropriately, capture two birds with one tone. Your marketing strategy can double as a magnet for employees, affiliates and contractors who share your values and who have a strong desire to work with the customers your brand craves.

This concept has always been viable; however, it's even more effective now that marketing strategies are less about salesy offers and more about personal connections. After all, your customers and your team members are people—and they're people who want many of the same things out of a relationship with your brand.

Read on to learn how you can save time and effort whilst creating a strategy to attract all the people who will be most important to your brand.

A Marketing Strategy to Round out your Team and your Client List

There's lots of talk in branding and marketing circles about the customer experience—and it's an all-important component of attracting and retaining clients. However, many brand builders haven't considered the fact that a great customer experience can double as a fabulous employee experience.

Many of us tend to believe that they're two separate things, and that our employees are looking for something completely different than what we're offering our customers. Here's the truth: If we approach the building of each experience from a place of demonstrating the corporate values that have become central to our brand, there won't be much difference between the two.

Let's establish that point by naming some hypothetical corporate values and then list how each one can speak to customers and team members:

  • Integrity: Customers want truth in advertising and to be pleasantly surprised with over-delivery. Employees need to trust that promises will be kept and that their efforts will be recognised and reciprocated.
  • Fun: Your clients are looking for a fully enjoyable and memorable experience with your brand. Members of your team want work days to go fast because they're enjoying themselves.
  • Respect: Your ideal customers will stick around long enough to become loyal clients because they are treated with respect—something that is important to them. Likewise, your employees and contractors feel appreciated because they are treated under the umbrella of the Golden Rule ("treat others as you wish to be treated").
  • Kindness: Your customers cherish acts of selflessness, and will reward that with brand loyalty. Employees will take particular notice to the nice things you do for them, and that thoughtfulness will spread throughout your company, to build up and enhance your brand culture.
  • Empathy: When you can put yourself in your customers' shoes and let them know that you truly understand what they're going through, they are more likely to choose you…because you've been where they are and know how they feel. When you do the same for your team, they will not only want to stay in that type of environment, they will develop empathy for your customers, which will dramatically improve your brand's reputation for customer service.

marketing-strategyHere are some pointers for creating a marketing strategy (and campaigns) that attract all the right customers and team members to your brand:

  • Create a community. This should be a community that includes your customers, affiliates, employees and contractors. Take note of the conversations that develop, in order to design marketing campaigns that will attract new ideal customers and team members to your brand. Moreover, giving them the opportunity to interact with one another will foster relationships that go beyond categories, and that are focussed on quality, branded experiences for all.
  • Take the time to get to know your audiences. This means researching your target customer audience, as well as your desired team. Take note of similarities and differences, understanding that your marketing strategies must be created with your ideal customer in mind, but that they will also speak to the qualities they share with your ideal employees. Also, be sure to address those things not covered with marketing campaigns in your unique communications with employment and contractor candidates.
  • Use what you know about your ideal customers to enhance your ideal employees' experience. If people you're interviewing for spots on your team are there for all the right reasons, they will believe in your brand's mission and vision, as well as its values. That means when you learn about something that excites your ideal customer, it's a good idea to explore what effect it will have on your employees—with the idea being that if all the right people are associated with your brand, many of the same things will appeal to all sectors.
  • Understand that a happy team equals happy customers. Does this mean giving in to every demand? Or creating an environment in which the employees rule the roost? Absolutely not. Instead, ask questions and pay close attention in order to determine what your team members value the most (e.g. communications, conflict resolution, employee relations) and then work to provide that within the parametres of your brand culture—knowing that happy employees create happy customers.

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