Ready to start your first email marketing campaign? Or to get better results from your current campaign(s)? You’re not alone. Most of the people we talk to are hesitant to start a new campaign, are under-confident in their current one, or they’re unsure of how to build their brand with email.

If you’ve been avoiding using email marketing to build your brand, there’s great reason to get moving: 2.9 billion people use email[1], and that’s three times more than Facebook and Twitter users combined. Moreover, 91% of people open their emails daily[2], meaning that you can get in front of the right people with time-sensitive material and breaking news in a reliable fashion.

Because email marketing is so important to brand, branding and marketing success, we’ve compiled our Top 15 most useful tips for building an email campaign that will build your brand.

Here goes…

Build an Email Marketing Campaign, to Build your Brand

If you’re ready to experience a more impressive ROI (as much as 4,300%[3]) from your email marketing efforts, we suggest that you employ these email marketing tips:

  1. Lay off the sale…most of the time. If every email you send is a hard sell, you will see a massive subscriber exodus. No consumer wants to spend his valuable time reading sales pitches; instead, he wants to read valuable information that will help him to solve a problem, increase pleasure or reduce pain. Give him that with a minimum ratio of three value emails to every one sales email. Most of your emails should give free advice, entertainment, or valuable news that is relevant to its audience. This is important as you strive to win the affection of your ideal customers; it’s also important for avoiding being flagged as spam (and therefore being banished to junk folders).
  2. Write irresistible subject lines. Your targets are receiving hundreds of emails every week…at a minimum. What is going to compel them to take the time to open your emails? What will keep your emails from being deleted before they’re even opened? A compelling subject line will entice that click. Tease them, hint to something taboo, know your industry and piggyback on hot topics…all whilst avoiding ALL CAPS and exclamation points—lest your emails be flagged as spam.
  3. Size it right. Your html email template should be 600 pixels in width, and the most valuable information (or a really effective tease) should be included in the first 100 pixels of height (a.k.a. Above the Fold). Also, ensure that your emails are mobile-friendly, since 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices[4]. Only 11% of emails are currently formatted for viewing on mobile devices[5], which creates an enormous opportunity for those brands that choose to fill this gap.
  4. Always have a destination in mind. Every email you send should have a specific purpose—and the call-to-actions and links included in each email should point and drive people to the places where that purpose can be fulfilled. This doesn’t mean that your emails should be “salesy,” but no email should be without an answer to the question, “What’s next?”
  5. Keep it simple. We have yet to find a consumer who prefers to read long, drawn-out verbiage. Short paragraphs, bullet points, and short, to-the-point language is always best. And no matter how short the text, people will still scan (rather than read). To make sure that your main point gets across, highlight, embolden, underline, and colour key phrases so people can pick them up easily.
  6. Brand those emails. What does your brand’s logo look like? What colours have you chosen to represent your brand? What font(s) do you use? What type of buzz words and keyword phrases make up the “insider language” used by your brand and its followers? Include all of this in every email, to reinforce your brand’s visual identity and more.
  7. Send at optimum times. Every target audience and sub-group is more responsive at a particular time of day. And some are more responsive on particular days of the week. Send emails on different days and different times, and then track the open rate for each. Through diligent research, experimentation, measurement and monitoring, you will gather valuable information for improving open and click-through rates. You’ll also identify those prospects who most often engage with your emails—they are your most promising leads.


There’s just too much valuable information to include in one blog post, so we’ll be back on Monday with our next instalment of Email Marketing Tips. See you then!

In the meantime, we suggest that you get on over to our B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp page and register for our next boot camp, so you can get a jump on making your brand more credible, visible…and therefore, more profitable. See you there!

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[2] ExactTarget

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[5] Equinux

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