How are your online marketing campaigns working for you? Is your brand enjoying increased website traffic, as well as more clicks and conversions?

Or does your online marketing strategy feel like a black hole, sucking your time and money into the abyss? Like something you’re doing because “you have to,” rather than because it works?

Now is the time to change all that. Now is the time to stop engaging in all activity that does not result in a net profit for your brand.

Now is the time to learn what’s sabotaging your online marketing strategy.

What’s Wrong with your Online Marketing Strategy?

It may feel like you’re doing everything right. You’ve seen others execute the same strategies, and they’re doing just fine. So what’s the problem?

Here are some of the most common online marketing saboteurs I’ve encountered:

  1. Not knowing your ideal customer. In the world of online marketing, we sometimes forget that we’re talking to real people, with real problems and real needs. Know the person who will buy your brand—and know them well. Do your homework and take the time to conduct in-depth research. Then speak, in every campaign, as if you’re in a quiet room with your ideal customer, in a personal conversation that’s all about THEM.
  2. Failing to predict behaviour. What words will remind your targets just how severe their pain is? Or how big their problem is? What words will show them a glimpse of the other side, where relief is waiting for them? Know what you want them to do (e.g. click to learn more) and know them well enough to call up the emotions that will result in action. This will require delving into the psychology of your ideal customer.
  3. A lack of detachment. There comes a time in marketing when you must step back and view communications from your target audience’s viewpoint. This can be very difficult because you have a biased assessment of your brand—what makes it unique, what makes it appealing…and your perceptions, quite frankly, don’t really matter. The only thing that matters is what your ideal customers perceive.
  4. No marketing budget. Whether we’re talking about time or money, there’s always an investment involved when it comes to marketing—and it usually involves both. Don’t forget this allocation when you’re creating your brand’s budget, because without quality marketing, the customers won’t
  5. No team member specialises in marketing. One person or one team needs to be in charge of marketing—and that person or people need to…well…know what they’re doing. Too often, marketing is an afterthought, pushed off onto the person who has the lightest workload. Marketing is an art and a science. Online marketing is a specialisation. Treat it that way, and you’ll get results.
  6. Failure to measure. How effective is your overall online marketing strategy? How about each individual campaign? How do you know? Analysing the metrics of every campaign will prove to be indispensable as you learn how to fashion the right marketing mix and flavour for your brand’s audience. Take note of what doesn’t work…and what does. Make a commitment to letting of what you thought would work and follow the numbers.
  7. Team members’ views are divergent. Sometimes we hire the wrong people; and sometimes, our people simply aren’t properly educated in the values, mission and vision of our brands. When this happens, marketing messages are inconsistent, and sometimes completely off-the-mark. A team view is essential when creating an online marketing strategy…even from those behind the scenes and seemingly disconnected from marketing functions. Support is essential.
  8. Unique campaigns do not have unique purposes. Some online marketing campaigns should be designed to attract new customers, others should be created with the purpose of increasing profit, others should be intended to grow your brand…and so on. If the intent of your campaign is muddy, results will follow suit. Be specific, be direct and guide your ideal customers to the end you intend.
  9. No accountability. What are the rewards of a successful online marketing campaign…for the person or people who created and executed it? And what are the consequences when it doesn’t go so well? Without accountability, there will be little motivation to design an online marketing strategy that works. If you’re doing it for yourself, increased profits and brand growth are rewards in themselves—but what if someone else is doing it? What’s their incentive?

Do any of these points strike a chord with you? Do you think that a few of them have been contributing to your online marketing’s lack of effectiveness? If so, and you’d like to learn more about correcting them, contact the branding experts at How to Build a Brand today. Don’t waste another minute or another pound on ineffective online marketing.

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