There’s a new product or service you’re planning to introduce, and you’re not sure how to proceed.

Of course, you could toss it into the market like an open sack of potatoes, hoping that the spuds will roll into the right spots…but let’s be honest, the chances of that ending well are slim.launch-plan

Instead, you should be using the proper tools, with the proper marketing navigation and the proper focus on your goal. More like a target with a bullseye that you’re focussed on hitting—sharp, concentrated, exacting, singly-directed and centred.launch-plan

Let’s explore how you can expertly execute your launch plan, for results that go beyond selling the product, and that actually build your brand.

A Launch Plan, Built Strategically

I have launched lots of products for my own business, and am always working with others to launch theirs. When you’re this deep in launch plans, you can’t help but pick up tips from expert ‘launchers,’ as well as develop a few of your own. And here they are:

  • Choose the Right Product. This might seem like a no-brainer; however, you’d be surprised at how many brands choose to market the wrong They create something that’s a near-duplicate of the competitor’s product, or they choose a product that doesn’t effectively solve the problem their ideal customer is experiencing. It’s important that you select a product to launch that will offer unparalleled value, that you know will prove to be transformational for its buyers, and that you can create a buzz around.
  • Know to Whom You’re Marketing. Your brand has a target audience—the people who need the big solution you’re offering. However, that entire audience may not be interested in this one product, in particular. Define this product’s ideal customer (i.e. the person who is most desperately in need of it).
  • Articulate Why They Should Care. Name the main benefit of your new product, and make it clear why the product’s target audience needs it. Remember they will need to know ‘what’s in it for them’ before you can get their attention and keep it.
  • Shape Your Communications. Know to whom you’re talking, and choose every word with great care—as if you’re speaking to your younger self, before you discovered how this product solves your problem. Do your research to understand just what the future users of your new product need to hear right now. Remember, they need to know that you understand their pain, that you have the best solution…and they need to get a glimpse of what life will be like on the other side of their problem.
  • Choose the Right PR Agency or Media Outlets. Whether you have someone taking care of public relations for you, or you’re doing it for yourself, know where your product’s ideal customer is getting his or her news. Then be there, with the message they need to hear.
  • Identify and Select Key Person(s) of Influence. Influencers are the difference-makers when it comes to buying decisions. In fact, recommendations from market influencers can be more effective than recommendations from close friends and family. Why? Choose an influencer whom your product’s ideal customer respects, and you’ll have to put up a turnstile to handle all the traffic.
  • Partner with Another Brand. Who has a contact list filled with your ideal customers? Who has an appreciation for your brand and can speak knowledgeably about it? Who can offer connection opportunities (with all the right people) that you don’t have? Whose product will complement yours? Who will have great influence over your audience? And who communicates in a way (and using the type of media) that your ideal customers will readily absorb? Use the answers to these questions to guide you toward partnerships that will be beneficial for all involved, as you launch your new product.

As you create your launch plan, think strategically. Plan it out. Anticipate bumps and successes. And give yourself a 12-week window in which to execute that plan. This will provide a sort of ‘deadline’ so you can stay focussed on your goal, whilst giving you plenty of time to take targeted action and react to results along the way.

Need help with launching your product? Or a sounding board on which to test your message? Or maybe a few opinions to help guide you in forming your launch strategy? You can get all of that, and much more, in the Brand Builders Club. It’s where freedom-focussed entrepreneurs and business owners gather to learn how to grow their purpose-driven brands. Click here to learn more.

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