What does your social media branding strategy look like? If you’re like the majority of business owners, you’ve just glazed over; you’re wondering at what point you overlooked the importance of having one. If you’re like a smaller percentage of business owners, you’re thinking over what you have planned and executed, and are now wondering what went wrong—because Facebook is clearly not working for you.

There are a number of benefits that come along with a social media branding strategy that includes Facebook Ads, including

  • sophisticated targeting of potential [ideal] clients
  • budget monitoring
  • performance tracking
  • decipherable metrics
  • scheduling capabilities
  • in-system research options
  • constructive analytics

Are you ready to learn how you can use Facebook Ads to enhance your social media branding strategy? Let’s get started.


Your Social Media Branding Strategy, with Facebook Ads

STEP ONE:  Identify your Ideal Client.


Who is your ideal client? In other words, what type of person (people) do you wish to serve with your brand? If you’re not sure, or you’re having trouble putting together your ideal customer profile, here are some guiding principles:

  • To whom have I delivered my best work? These are the people for whom I am happy to put in 110% effort.
  • Whom have I thoroughly enjoyed working for? These are the people who share my values…and that connection makes them a great match for my business.
  • Who are the people who were thrilled with my deliverables? These are the people who expressed extreme gratitude, who gave positive feedback and who referred others to me.
  • Who are the people who are happy to pay what I charge? Who never balk about price, and who rave about the value they’ve received? These are the people who truly recognise the worth in what I’m offering.
  • What are the most valuable things I have helped these people to achieve? And how have these things helped them to advance in their own journeys?
  • What do all of these people (and the things they’ve achieved with my help) have in common? What common characteristics can I draw out of these descriptions and experiences?

After answering these questions, with your unique brand in mind, you should have a better idea of whom you should be targeting with your Facebook Ads. Remember that you should never settle for working with anyone other than your ideal customer.

STEP TWO:  Find those people on Facebook.

There are a number of ways you can find your ideal customers on Facebook, in order to put your ads in front of them:

  • Start with Pages: Think about the results (not the process) that your brand delivers. Now go look for those people interested in those types of results. Accomplish this by finding business pages and fan pages built around results similar to those you deliver and having a look at those pages’ followers. Target them.
  • Start with Clients: Think about your favourite previous and existing clients. Visit their Facebook pages, go to Profile, More and Likes…then go to the pages they like. Target the audiences of those pages, especially those pages that are liked by more than one of your ideal customers.
  • Enact Facebook’s Website Customer Audience Pixel: This feature tracks your website’s visitors and provides you with their Facebook IDs, in order to target them with Facebook Ads. Learn how to use it here.
  • Create a Lookalike Audience: Facebook also gives you the capability of creating a custom audience based on the audience of other websites, apps and more. Learn how here.

STEP THREE:  Create a Lead Magnet.

What is a lead magnet? It’s something that you offer to your ideal customers, which demonstrates your expertise, in the hopes that they will take interest in your brand and move toward contact and then conversion. A lead magnet should be included in Facebook Ads.

Lead magnets are always free, and may include the following:

  • reports
  • ebooks
  • checklists
  • videos
  • guides
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • book chapters

Lead magnets are not intended to close sales; they are, however, intended to build the initial interest that will lead to a consultation, for example. Always include something that backs up the expertise you’ve offered and begins to build trust, like testimonials or a case study.

STEP FOUR:  Create your Facebook Ad.

Now it’s time to use all the information and resources you’ve gathered/created to design a Facebook Ad that will attract all the right kinds of attention. Here are some tips:

  • Have a specific purpose in mind for each ad. “Visit my Facebook page” is never enough. Instead, talk about an upcoming event, an offer or a specific story attached to your brand. Using current events and trends to get attention for your brand in a Facebook Ad is also an option.
  • The branded language that you created in your brand strategy should carry over to every media offering, and that includes your social media branding strategy. It’s about buzz words and key phrases, but it’s also about the tone, emotion and mood you have chosen to convey with your brand. Be consistent across all channels.
  • Social media users are visual learners; therefore, it is imperative that the image you choose for your Facebook Ad is spot-on. It should not only appeal to your ideal customer, it should be unique to your brand and of high quality.
  • When creating the blurb for your Facebook Ad, keep the character limit in mind and always choose shorter over longer. One thing most social media users have in common is a short attention span. Respect this.
  • A call-to-action should be included in every Facebook Ad. What do want viewers to do? Sign up to receive a free book chapter? Attend your event? Subscribe to your newsletter? Make it clear and make the step(s) simple.

These are the basics necessary for starting a Facebook Ad campaign. Surely, you have more questions regarding Facebook Ads and your specific social media branding strategy. Ask me your questions on Twitter at @milesfryer, #BrandBrainsQandA. Or, send them to Sammy and she’ll cover them during the B.R.A.N.D. Breakthroughs sessions, happening Live on Facebook at 7 p.m. every Wednesday.

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