As promised, I’m back with a superstar follow-up to last Wednesday’s article, FAQs: Web Development Superstars, in which I explained how expertly chosen and written FAQs can build your brand online. Today, I’m expanding on that idea by covering the creative ways in which you can make conversions with FAQs.

One of the reasons your website exists is to make money whilst you sleep, and utilising FAQs to your advantage is one way to accomplish this. It’s also a great way to build your brand online, increase brand awareness, foster trust, build expertise and grow your business.


Build Your Brand Online, with FAQs that Convert

Who doesn’t want to make money independently of their own direct effort? And who doesn’t want their website to create a sense of superior customer satisfaction…whilst on vacation, seeing a show or attending a family event?

One of the best—and most overlooked—methods for accomplishing this is through FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on your website. Maybe you never looked at this [perfunctory] page as more than a simple listing of answers that may keep people from picking up the phone and disturbing you. Its potential goes much further than that. It can actually help to run your sales department.


Here’s how:

  • Stop viewing FAQs as post-sale tools. When people visit your website to get to know your brand, they will often look to the FAQs page to answer pre-sale questions. Don’t pass up this opportunity to quell common fears and to satisfy inquiring, prospective-client minds.
  • Build trust with FAQs. Trust is huge. Without it, consumers will not become customers. They are giving something up, making an investment, taking a risk…and in order to feel good about it, they must trust you. Show that you are trustworthy by answering FAQs with honesty and forthrightness. This will help to demonstrate that you are worthy of trust.
  • Keep a call-to-action button close by at all times. At every point on your FAQ page, there should be a call-to-action button (“Learn More,” “Get Started,” “Try it Now,” etc.). With that first inkling of “I like this brand,” your prospects should have a sign-up option at their disposal…right there, impossible to ignore. You see, when consumers are in a questioning stage, they are often at their most open-minded stage. Additionally, their wounds (pains) are fresh, and they’re fervently looking for a solution. Offer it, right there within a click’s reach, and they may just take it.
  • Include referrals by people or businesses your ideal clients will know. Your ideal clients have a particular problem, and you’ve solved it before. For whom have you solved that problem? Would your ideal customers know those entities? Consider including the logos or names of those whom you’ve helped—or some other type of social proof that your brand is the real deal—on your FAQ page. This is as good as a referral (from every person or business listed). See how we do it on our homepage.
  • Place your FAQ page in multiple places. Default thinking tells us to include FAQs on their own webpage, with their own tab on the menu. However, is that the most effective place? Think about it: they are isolated there. People who have questions will go there, but what about those ideal clients who don’t think they have questions, but who could learn something, or be swayed, by the FAQs you’re presenting. Consider placing your FAQs strategically, like on your pricing page or on your services page. Divide FAQs as you see fit, for customised experiences on each individual webpage.
  • Sell with service. Your FAQs can be about selling; however, they should still feel like service. Give freely of your expertise. Share valuable information. Show (don’t tell) that your brand can be trusted and that it is the best choice for those who share its corporate values and understand its mission. After reading your FAQs, prospective customers should not feel that they’ve been sold to, but that they’ve been shared with to the point that they want more.

Building your brand isn’t so much about accruing touchpoints, as some branding consultancies would have you believe; instead, it’s about being that heartbeat that never quits—that heartbeat that is always present with some new, life-giving form of connectivity and activity. Your FAQs page can be one of those heartbeats. It can be one that evolves as customer needs evolve, one that fulfils needs in a way that creates feelings of reciprocity, and one that demonstrates your brand’s vision, mission and values.

Do you feel inspired to write a FAQ page that acts as one of your salespeople? That converts your ideal customers with its insightful language and unique offerings? Well, then, what I’ve taught you last Wednesday and today is enough to get you started. However, if you’d like to dig deeper, to get more, then I might I suggest our B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp? These events are held at a variety of venues (in the UK and Canada) and are known for imparting the three brand-building strategies that Sammy and I used to take our business from £0 to £18,000 per month in a mere 12 weeks. And guess what? We’ll teach it all in just one day’s time. Learn more and register here.

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