What does Google want? This seems to be the online marketer’s question of the hour—and the question of just about every hour. The criteria changes often, but one thing that remains critical to placement in search engine results is the presence (on your webpages) of quality, relevant links.

How to Build a Brand always recommend active link building; however, amassing enough significant links to attract the attention of the search engine giant poses a significant challenge.

Some brand owners and managers delegate the task of seeking out relevant websites and then requesting links in writing to their team members. That works, occasionally, but it’s highly labour-intensive and we all know that labour costs money. Instead, the online marketing experts at How to Build a Brand suggest giving people reasons to link to you—without having to solicit them for those coveted connections.

How to Build a Brand with Organically Cultivated Links

Many of these techniques are not only effective in obtaining links, they are good SEO practices, endorsed by How to Build a Brand. Give them a try, and watch your website’s search engine rankings improve:

  • Quality SEO content contained within an attractive, easy-to-use website shows your expertise in every flawless piece of text you write. Like the popular kid in school, others will want to be associated with you and will want to link their site to yours.
  • Be a knowledgeable force on the discussion and forum scenes. If you work to inform others, show a willingness to learn from them, and allow your energetic, get-it-done personality to shine through, people will be intrigued enough to visit your site (and will, of course, be enamoured by your breath-taking content). Compulsion to link to your site is probable.
  • Create fascinating content. This will increase your chances of being included on referral sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit.
  • Offer complementary services like newsletters. Offer your URL alongside the publication to encourage linking to your website.
  • Offer your services as an expert editor for article directories and other such content collections. You’ll be able to offer links to your website and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.
  • When you find wonderful content written by someone whom you respect, write a review and include that review on your website. Be sure to include a link to that content.
  • Create profiles on as many applicable social media sites as possible, including non-specific ones and industry-specific ones. Make connections with those whom you think might have great link potential.
  • Write informational and timely articles and submit them to article directories, ezines, and blogs. If the article bank permits it, offer a link to your website so readers may visit your site, enjoy it, and possibly choose to create their own links to it.
  • Coin your own phrases. Content writers are always looking for quotes from industry experts and if they find yours (thanks to great SEO tactics) and like it, they’ll link to it.
  • Create a fun game, survey, or activity that you can imagine might create a buzz. For instance, a personality test or horoscope with a twist might be intriguing enough for other sites to reference it and…you guessed it…create a link to it.

how-to-build-a-brandThese are authentic, organic, white-hat methods that How to Build a Brand experts and clients use for building links—and this is only the beginning. For more SEO and link-building advice, brand-building tips, and marketing guidance, join us for our next Online Masterclass, which will help you to Kick Start your branding strategy. Registe here.

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