What if there was a way to customise every one of your prospects’ visits to your website? What if each visitor felt that the website’s writer not only understood them, and that the content was written just for them, but that your brand was a perfect fit for their current need(s)?


Now, that would be some smart content.

Well, believe it or not, this technology does exist, and it’s called…you guessed it…Smart Content.

There’s a real need for smart content across all sectors, including your industry. A top complaint amongst consumers is that they have to spend too much time reading content that simply doesn’t apply to them—so they click away and contribute to that high bounce rate in your analytics.

So how can use smart content to reduce bounce rates and increase website engagement? Read on.

Smart Content, Explained

You’re rewriting your webpages’ content. You’ve struggled, because you know that long-time customers will be visiting, and won’t need a redundant introduction to your brand. You also know that first-time visitors and prospective clients will be reading, and you don’t want to skip any important details about your brand, or offer high-level information that will confuse them.

You are the perfect candidate for smart content, or content that uses information it gathers about each visitor to customise their experience whilst browsing your website.

How does it work?

  • For new visitors, a smart content system uses business IP address, marketing databases, geographical location, the site that referred them (if applicable) and the search terms they used to find your website in order to predict what page they’ll want to see first, how much information they’ll want about your brand, and more.
  • For returning visitors and current customers, a smart content system tracks their past purchases, clicks, industry, account size and more to customise their experiences and deliver them directly to the page(s) that will interest them the most, based on past behaviour.

Visitors are placed in segments, based on their current spot in your sales funnel or status with your brand—and every time they visit, they are shown content that you deem appropriate for their place in your sales funnel or brand journey.

How to use Smart Content

The specifics for using smart content on your website are totally up to you and your marketing team or professional marketer. Every brand will have a different number of visitor segments, and unique ways for reaching and moving each of them.

I would, however, like to offer some ideas that may inspire you in creating your very own website smart content experience:

  • Based on geography or area of interest, introduce the appropriate sales rep and make his or her contact details easily accessible.
  • If a returning customer buys the same product during every visit (or during most visits), drop them right on the page for ordering that product.
  • If a prospect has visited in the past, and stopped in the middle of the sales journey, or showed interest with time spent browsing the site, drop them on a page that quells common fears or further touts the benefits of your brand…to nudge them along the funnel.
  • Based on a new visitor’s search terms, match their specific problem with your specific solution by showcasing the product or service you would suggest.
  • Use geography or business IP addresses to match visitors with applicable current events, and acknowledge and offer solutions related to that current event.
  • For the visitors who are “readers,” and often visit your blog, drop them on either the latest blog post, the first one they missed since their last visit, or one that they haven’t yet read, but best fits their needs based on the data collected. Know your ideal client and choose the method that will best meet their needs.
  • If a visitor has recently made a purchase, and your brand needs testimonials, land them on a review page.
  • Lead regular customers to a frequent buyers’ page, so they can take advantage of your rewards programme.

These are just a few ideas for getting started in creating your brand’s very own smart content website experience.

And it’s not just for websites. You can create a number of landing pages, and send people to the appropriate one, based on gathered data.

Not only will visitors to your brand’s online places feel that you understand their needs and are speaking directly to them, they’re likely to decide that your brand is perfect for filling their needs.

Smart content is one more brilliant tool available to you in your quest to build a website that acts as your brick-and-mortar shop…but that sells even whilst you’re sleeping.

Contact us to learn more about smart content, building your brand, branding strategies and all types of marketing. And don’t forget to register for the B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp date and venue of your choice. They fill up fast and post-Brexit British business owners are just eating them up.

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