You've learnt about landing pages. You know that they're singular webpages designed for a singular purpose: To convince visitors to click through, take the next step and place themselves in your funnel.

This is explains what landing pages do.

It doesn't explain, specifically, what different types of business landing pages do.

You didn't realize there were different types?

Then you're in the right place.

Because who knows? You could be using the wrong type of landing page for your purposes, and therefore missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Read on to learn how to create and amplify the potential of each type of business landing page.

A Business Landing Page Guide, for the Intelligent Brand Builder

business-landing-pageWhat you're selling, where you want visitors to go next, or what you want them to do will be the deciding factors in the type of business landing page you choose to create. There's no limit, really; you can create a landing page for every possible action, and conduct A/B testing with each one (i.e. make an integral change to the landing page and test both versions to see which one performs better).

You can choose nearly any hosting service for your landing page. Free web hosting platforms often come with bare-bones features, will place advertisements on your landing pages, will provide only partially customisable domain names, and will attempt to upsell you to premium services.

Paid hosting platforms do offer more features and analytics and allow you to create a fully unique domain name.

No matter what hosting route you choose to take, I always recommend avoiding templates. Your landing page should be uniquely branded, just like your website and social media pages.

Now let's talk about some of the different types of landing pages:

  • Book Landing Page: Becoming a published author is a fantastic way to build your profile—and it helps if you can sell a bunch of those books. Some important elements to include on your book landing page would be:
    • high-quality photo of the book's cover
    • scintillating headline that refers to the solution or benefit (rather than the subject) offered by the book
    • subheading that further explains the purpose of the book
    • paragraph that summarises the book and leaves some ends undone (to create a desire to read more)
    • benefits that readers can expect
    • call to action
    • form to order and pay for the book, or button linked to an online marketplace
  • E-Commerce Landing Page: This page's purpose is to sell a product, and therefore its entire branded design should revolve around that product(s). It will do the 'warming up' and the preliminary marketing functions that aren't able to be handled on typical e-commerce sites. Here's the best way to build your e-commerce landing page:
    • headline that introduces the solution/benefit
    • clear, well-lit images that are given centre-stage
    • descriptive captions for each image
    • a map to indicate the origin of the product (if applicable)
    • call to action
    • PayPal and other pertinent payment buttons (you can choose if they're live or simply indicators of acceptable payment methods)
    • button linked to e-commerce site
    • contact form for enquiries
  • Webinar Landing Page: Webinars are used to sell; however, you'll need a landing page to introduce and lead people to that webinar. That webinar landing page should include:
    • headline that presents the solution
    • subheading that names the problem and the main benefit
    • description of the webinar and the benefits participants can expect
    • date and time of the webinar
    • photo and short (one/two sentence) professional bio of the presenter (to establish expertise and trust)
    • call to action
    • form to register
  • Pre-Launch Landing Page: This type of landing page should drum up excitement for an upcoming release, and should give people a sense of urgency to reserve their product (or their spot) before it's made available to the general public. Here's how you can make the most of the pre-launch landing page:
    • headline that grabs the attention of people who have been waiting for something like this
    • subheading that gives a bit more information about the solution the product or event will bring
    • countdown or release date
    • features and benefits
    • why now is the best time to get in
    • call to action
    • form to sign up for early registration or to reserve their copy/item
  • Portfolio Landing Page: This is the type of landing page designed specifically to introduce you and your skills, and then act as a marketing channel for your personal brand. A great portfolio landing page will include:
    • large, well-lit photo of you (with an expression and background that are representative of what you do)
    • your name
    • your profession (fame name)
    • description of what you do
    • work samples
    • links to all the places you can be found (social media pages, etc.)
    • contact form
  • Click-Through Landing Page: This is a type of landing page designed to take visitors to another place. That could be to your website, to a social media page, to an opt-in page, to your marketplace page…anywhere you'd like. Here's what it should include:
    • headline that will entice your ideal customer
    • subheading that further warms them to your solution/benefits
    • video introducing yourself and your product/service
    • content that hints at the good things you have to offer, again 'warming them up'
    • testimonials from customers
    • call to action
    • link to the destination of your choice, where they can learn more

Your business landing page, if designed properly and with branded content, will not only sell products, it will build your brand and your email list (when forms asking for email addresses are used). Always be upfront with participants about how you will use their contact details and stick to those promises (or risk being reported or marked as spam).

Landing pages are internet gold. They pull in more traffic, warm up chilly customers, communicate the benefits of what you're offering, build your brand…and convert strangers to friends, friends to customers, and customers to life-long, loyal clients.

Have questions about the perfect business landing page for your brand? Then click here to schedule a One-Hour Intensive Brand Audit. We'll talk about your brand, your goals…and a game plan for achieving it all.

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