You've created a scintillating, value-rich video advertisement for your brand. It's sure to appeal to your ideal customers. You submit it to social media outlets, strike a deal you can [barely] afford, and ensure that the right people will be targeted. You can hardly wait for all the calls, messages and hits on your website.

And you wait.

You tap your pen on the desk.

You twiddle your thumbs.

You bounce a ball off the wall.

You jump at the sound of every notification.

No beans.

You check to make sure the ad is displaying correctly. And then you see it. That little white rectangle that says SKIP AD. Are people opting out? Even though you know your brand is perfect for them?

It looks like you've got some work to do.

If your audience data indicates that video marketing is something they'll respond to, then there is some strategising in your future. Just because they're audio-digital learners doesn't mean that just any promotional video will do. You've got to grab their attention, early and with purpose.

Today, I'm talking about how you can do that—to get more engagement, responses and conversions with your video marketing.

Video Marketing They'll Want to Watch

Even if your first attempts at video marketing were certifiable disasters, there is hope. In fact, you can start right now to make your next video advertisement a glowing success, with high ROI (Return On Investment) and spectacular engagement that leads to conversions.

Create your promotional video like you would write a newspaper article: with the most critical information in the first line (this is known as an "inverted pyramid" style, where the main point is presented first, followed by supporting points in descending order of importance).

Here's what I suggest doing in the first FOUR seconds of any video:

  • Let Your Ideal Customers Know You're Speaking Directly to Them. Most people click SKIP or X out of a video because they truly believe it's not meant for them. Use a word or words that make it undeniable that you created that communication specifically for them and the problem they're experiencing. Of course, you're going to have to know your ideal customer extremely well in order to communicate this in just four seconds…but that’s always been the nature of marketing.
  • Mention the Name of the Product or Service. Avoid the temptation of dismissal—meaning you'll want to diminish other products or brands first, to make way for…drumroll…your brand. You don't have enough time for that. You've got to put your brand face-forward, right away.
  • video-marketingCreate a Video Rich with Emotion…and the Promise of Emotion. What are people looking for most in video communications? Emotion! They want you to make them feel something…and not just anything. Your ideal customer is craving a particular emotion, and by making them experience that emotion (at the hands of your brand), you will create deep, lasting connections that the SKIP AD button can't touch.
  • Tap into the Auditory Centre of Their Brains.  Your video's viewers are more responsive to what their ears are hearing than to what their eyes are seeing. In fact, it takes them three times as long to respond to visuals as it does to respond to spoken words and other sounds. Keep this in mind, and don't waste a single one of those first four seconds in silence.
  • Choose the Right Music. If you're going to incorporate music into your ad, think about the emotions you're attempting to stir. Think about the associations your audience has made with certain types of music and use it to advance your purpose. This is not about using your favourite song. It's about your target audience and how you need them to feel in order to make the move you want them to make.

Creating an effective video advertisement relies heavily on those first four seconds. The rest of the video can be bangin' (and it should be); however, if the beginning doesn't grab your audience and keep them in its grip, they'll never know.

What type of success have you had with video marketing? Are you still struggling? Do you have some exciting news to share? Or are you still searching for ways to make that exciting news break?

Video is something we talk about often in the How to Build a Brand Facebook group, and it's open and free for you to join. There, you'll find a supportive peer group environment that gives you a safe place to learn, grow and develop your business among other like-minded business owners. Click here to join. Again, it's FREE!

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