I have a challenge for you:

As you go through your day (or if it’s evening where you are, tomorrow), I want you to count the number of people you pass on the street, in your office, at the market, at the doctor’s office…and also count how many of them look at their mobile phones.

We talk a lot about conducting research to find out where your ideal customers are “hanging out,” and how you can most predictably reach them.


So once you compile the results of your mobile phone study, I’d like you to you ask yourself this question:

Why am I not in front of those people when they look at their phones?

I’d be willing to gamble that the percentage of people who looked at their mobile phones is more than 50%...and those are some mighty impressive odds for reaching your target audience. When’s the last time you had 50% engagement in any marketing campaign? Just think of the possibilities.

And now let’s talk about them…the possibilities of digital marketing through mobile outreach.

Tapping into Digital Marketing Possibilities, with a Mobile Strategy

If you participated in the above challenge, you have begun your market research. You have started to understand how and when your target audience is choosing to receive information. Delve more deeply into this research by:

  • Conducting a poll or survey asking people how they shop and get their news.
  • Looking at engagement numbers on your digital channels—particularly for those people you would define as your ideal customers.
  • Gathering statistics regarding mobile usage among particular demographics—particularly those that feed your target audience.
  • Talk to your ideal customers, to get a feel for when and how they’re using the internet and social media. Are they at home, at the office or on the run when they engage? What device(s) are they using?
  • Follow your ideal customers’ movements on their favourite social media channels. Watch for patterns regarding devices, times of day and media preferences.

There are a number of ways to connect with ideal customers via mobile marketing. Advertisements can appear whilst conducting internet searches (PPC, for example), or in apps. Know what your audience is searching for whilst on their mobile phones and what they’re doing whilst using their favourite apps. You can even utilise technology that detects their locations and delivers your ads based on how close they are to your store or other place where they’re likely to use your product or service. Use what you learn to tailor experiences that will “catch them in the act” of needing your brand.

Here are a few guidelines to get you started on the road to digital marketing know-how within the mobile realm:

  • Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Your website design should be responsive (i.e. it should automatically change to fit the screen of the device it’s being viewed on). If you haven’t arranged for your website to be easily viewed on mobile devices, any engagement you get from your mobile ads will result in disappointment once those people get to your website.
  • Keep it relevant. When an ideal customer sees your ad, the reason should be evident. Maybe they’ve recently searched for something related to your product. Or maybe they’re in the mall where your store is located. Whatever the reason, show them that you are in-tune with their needs by keeping everything you’re offering relevant to their place in their journey.
  • Consider coupons. How many people visit your store without buying? What if they were to receive a coupon on their phone before leaving the store? Would that help to sway them? If this is something that would persuade your ideal customer, then it’s worth a test run.
  • Build your list at events. Something I like to do is ask everyone in my audience at speaking events to raise their hands if they have a mobile phone with them (this is usually most of the audience). I then ask them to text WOW to 66777 to get a free gift. They will then receive a link to a free downloadable guide. And what do I get? Their numbers on my list, so I can keep in touch with future digital marketing and offers.
  • Innovate, rather than copy. Your competitors are playing in the mobile digital marketing arena, too. They are attempting to gain the attention of your ideal customers. How successful have they been? Do you want to be more successful? If the answer is yes, then the only way to proceed is to do something different. Consumers are bombarded with ads, and their tendencies are to ignore them. Your best chance of gaining the attention your brand needs is to do something that’s unlike anything else they’ll see. So…figure out what they’re seeing and fill the gap.
  • Mirror your ideal customers’ habits. As we covered above, it is imperative that you know when your ideal customer is using his or her mobile phone to surf the web and access apps. Is your target an early riser? Or a use-his-phone-under-the-desk-at-work type? Or a play-Pokemon-before-bed type? Use what you learn to put your brand in front of them…at the time(s) when they’re most likely to need it or to give it their attention.
  • Always include value. Every consumer decision is supported by a value calculation (i.e. Will the benefits received outweigh the investment?). Keep this in mind as you fashion your ad, knowing that you must communicate this net value quickly before their attention wanes.
  • Use audio or video. Today’s consumer has a ridiculously short attention span; they are, after all, accustomed to getting their information on-demand and on-the-fly. Add to that their preference for audio/visual over written material, and video makes sense. This is a sub-set of the innovation point; keep them interested by doing something different.
  • Always include a call-to-action. Every ad that you create should have a desired action attached to it—whether that’s visiting your website, signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase…or any number of others. Engage your ad’s viewers, but never end there. Always give them a next step, and make it appealing to take that step.
  • Choose a mobile digital marketing company with a proven track record. Read the reviews. Ask current customers about their experiences. Avoid making your decision on price alone. The investment you make in time and money usually determines the amount of value you gain.

Are you ready to start employing mobile digital marketing in your brand marketing strategy? And do you have questions before getting started? How to Build a Brand can help with all of that. Simply visit our website to check out all the resources available to you, and then contact us with enquiries or to enrol in any of our programmes…many of which are absolutely FREE!

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