As you develop your brand marketing strategy, your primary goal will be to make people listen. And as you carry out your brand marketing strategy, this will prove to be your most challenging task.

Your brand message should be one that has been designed by your ideal customers’ needs and preferences—one that will show them how well your brand can solve their problem. You should feel confident that when they hear it, they will take some type of action—a next step toward connecting with your brand.

If you can accomplish this, you have done your job with your brand strategy. However, you are far from finished. Now, you must design a brand marketing strategy that will pique their interest enough to cause them to listen to your message.

This is the challenge, and the part that most brands struggle with. You’ll need to create a brand marketing strategy that is so juicy, so scintillating, that your target audience (and maybe others) will practically push their way in for the chance to eavesdrop.

Get this right, and you’ll surpass the competition.

Here’s how:

A Brand Marketing Strategy that Makes them want to Listen

Before I get into the best ways for your brand to be heard, let’s get one thing straight: Shouting louder than the competition isn’t going to open ears. Before you know it, the entire market will be screaming for the attention of consumers, and you’ll have another 80s used car market…with screeching salesmen worthy of nothing more than the TV mute button.


Instead, you must be creative about being heard. Here are some good places to start:

  • Be in the right place whilst speaking. Here’s the truth: your target audience members are not running from place to place, searching for the messages they wish to hear. For the most part, they’re planting themselves in one spot (of their choice) and taking in what’s presented there. One of the mistakes we see in this area happens when brand-builders publish a blog post on their website…and just leave it there. No one is going to seek out that blog post. A better plan would be to publish the post, share it on social media, send news of its publication out in the regular newsletter, post the article in other forums and places…all after making sure that its SEO is supporting its visibility in search engine results and that a provocative title is causing viewers to click.
  • Find out what your ideal customer wants to hear. Oftentimes, your brand is not being intentionally ignored; instead, the people simply haven’t heard anything that piques their attention. They haven’t detected any buzz words. They haven’t heard evidence that you understand their problem(s). They haven’t gotten a clue that you understand them. So this is your first task. Follow your target audience to find out what they’re hungry to hear.
  • Surround your brand with marketers that people are listening to. If you meet a stranger, and that stranger says, “I’m a friend of your friend so-and-so,” you automatically feel more comfortable speaking with that person. Why? Because that stranger has come with a character endorsed by someone you know and trust. The same goes for marketers, so get out there and take note of those brand-builders who get lots of listen time, and whose audiences are similar to your own. Learn from them. Notice what their audiences react to and what they reject. Watch for opportunities to create a coalition.
  • Don’t set off the rubbish detectors. Today’s consumer is tired of being “sold to.” They’ve developed defence mechanisms that help them to sort the legitimate brands from the fly-by-night, make-a-quick-pound brands…and they’ve become damn good at it. Even if you’re the real deal—a genuine service-focussed passion project—and you commit some crazy attention-getting stunt, you will be recognised as a disingenuous blowhard. In other words, don’t overexert yourself whilst trying to get the attention of your dream client, lest you seem too eager to peddle something that desperately needs peddling. Be cool. If the message is a good one, it will speak for itself.
  • Start small, build trust, and let advocates do the talking. What do you think is more effective? Speaking to people who don’t know you, or having people who know your brand speaking on your behalf…to people who know and trust them? As a new brand, you will be forced to distribute messages to people who don’t know you; however, I would suggest investing a significant amount of energy communicating your message to those who know and trust you as a person. This approach will create a brand-building army, always ready to spread the word and build the community.

Any brand marketing strategy that fails to trigger listening by the target audience is a brand marketing strategy that will not succeed. After all, without listening, there can be no interest. Without interest, there can be no conversion. Without conversion there can be no sales. And without sales, there can be no brand.

So let’s get started where it all starts: the hearing of the message. Follow the advice outlined above, and you’ll be on your way to creating a brand marketing strategy that your ideal customers will find fascinating…and worth a listen.

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