What makes some people so successful in the social media realm?

Whilst you’re sitting over here with three likes and a Retweet?

The first thing I would ask is Do you have a social media strategy? If you’ve said NO, you’re among the majority of business owners. If you say that you Tweet and create status updates when you have time, when you think about it, when you’re bored, or only when you have a great idea…well, then, you’re in the majority there, too.

Here’s the thing: If you want to bound ahead of the competition by getting more engagement, and therefore more brand exposure, awareness and recognition, then you have to be in the minority. You must create a social media strategy and you must consider every one of the 8 tips I’m sharing today.

Create Your Social Media Strategy, Using These 8 Pieces of Advice

Some of these tactics will be familiar to you; others will seem new—maybe even a bit strange. However, one thing you’ll find they all have in common is this:

The same core tenets of building a brand apply to building a brand on social media...packaged in new, innovative methods.

So let’s get started with the 8 tips that will transform your social media strategy.

  1. Always offer value. Because they are flooded with marketing messages from minute-minute, consumers are forced to ask “What’s in it for me?” when deciding what to engage with. Avoid one-way brand promotion. Instead, always serve and offer value so that your audience will stop and give attention to your updates.
  2. Get personal. Your customers and potential customers want to know who you are and what you do during typical (and special) days. Take them inside your personal and professional life…a sort of behind-the-scenes look into what makes you tick. If they truly do share your values, their brand loyalty will grow.
  3. Publish unedited video. Do not go to great lengths with your hair and makeup. Do not start over every time you make a mistake. Do not set up in a formal setting for every video. Walk whilst shooting. Laugh at your bloopers. And through it all, remember that the more human and fallible you seem, the more deeply your audience members will connect with
  4. Really listen to feedback. …and then use it to shape your evolving social media strategy. You will learn as you move forward that there are certain media that your audience prefers. They will favour some tones and subject matters over others. You’ll know this not only by how they comment, but by the likes, shares and Retweets each update receives. Pay attention to this. It’s giving you clues into how to build an improved social media strategy.
  5. Assign one person to manage social media accounts. We’ve talked in the past about keeping your brand voice consistent. One way to accomplish that is to determine who, within your team, has the best grasp on that voice and then assign them to maintaining communications on your social media accounts. If this person is, by trade, a social media manager, that’s awesome. If they’re not, consider training them. The voice is imperative, and it’s often worth the investment.
  6. Share good times and bad. Social media is the best place to share news about your brand’s accomplishments (in a way that shows value to your customers). It’s also a great way to share your brand’s failures, as well as what you’ve learnt from those failures. This offers massive value to your followers. They will quickly see that staying in touch with your brand means learning from your mistakes…saving themselves time and money.
  7. Take a side. If your brand has adopted a cause, talk about. If there’s a current event that’s capturing the attention of your audience, state your opinion. You may feel tentative, thinking this will polarise a portion of your audience. It may; however, it will draw your truly ideal customers—those who share your values—even closer to your brand. It will also spur conversation, which is always good on social media. Be careful, though; I would not suggest weighing in on every issue. You may end up polarizing too many subgroups or coming off as a whiner.
  8. Respond in a timely manner. You may have noticed that Facebook rates its users by response percentages and times—and since Facebook is in the business of keeping its users happy, this is a good indication that responding to queries and comments matters. Respond to every comment, no matter if it’s positive or negative. Always show gratitude and express how you will remedy problems.

I hope these tips have inspired you to re-evaluate your social media strategy in a way that puts your ideal customers first. After all, this is what social media communication is all about—making each one feel that you’re speaking directly to them, offering them exactly what they need right now.

Are you interested in further refining your social media voice and putting out a message that rings true with all the right people? Then I suggest looking into our Master Your Message programme, a 2-day event that will put you into small groups and work through the creation and broadcast of your brand’s message. Learn more and register here.

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