As part of your branding and marketing strategies, you have identified, described and gotten to know your ideal customer. You have created an ideal customer profile and have fashioned your brand and all its communications around their problems, needs and preferences.

In short, you KNOW your ideal customers...and you know them well.

Here’s the complication:

They don’t know they’re your ideal customers.



          "Wait, you're talking to me?"


They have a problem. They’re suffering. And yet, they don’t know that there’s a perfect solution waiting for them. They aren’t aware that your brand exists, or that it’s been created just for them.

Only you have the power to make your brand visible and appealing to them—and then show them the pathway to taking advantage of all it has to offer.

Let’s get started.

Putting your Brand in Front of your Ideal Customers

There’s nothing more frustrating than building a brand for a specific group of people (your target audience), and then realising they don’t even know it exists. Even worse, they have settled for doing business with your competition—who is offering an inferior product.

So how can you let those people know that you exist AND that you’ve got a better solution?

Here are some tips I have compiled, for letting your ideal customers know that you’ve got the perfect brand, just for them:

  • Partner with Other Brands. There are other non-competing brands out there with lists containing the names of your ideal customers. Your job is to find those brands and partner with them so their customers will be exposed to your brand. How can you make this happen? Offer the owner of that other brand some value they can’t resist, using something you have that they need. Maybe that’s a connection to an industry professional, or an item you can give them to use as a free gift to their customers, or an appearance at a speaking engagement. No matter what it is, make sure it’s something that they’ll have a hard time turning down. How will you know this? Know their brand, as well as what’s most important to them and their customers.
  • Create a Social Media Presence. The average social media user spends two hours per day on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook…whilst teenagers spend up to nine hours per day being ‘social’ online. What does this mean for you, a brand builder hoping to put their brand in front of their ideal customer? It means that you’ve got to be on the right social media channels (i.e. the ones your ideal customers are using), and get in front of them at the right times with the right messages. Conduct research into how they’re spending their social media time and then create ads, public events, status updates and more that will pique their interest. Make these communications all about them and the problem they’re experiencing (and that you solve). Using softening statements like “maybe you’ve been having trouble with…,” or, “perhaps you’d like to have more time to…,” or, “have you ever wished that you could…” This will let them know, immediately, that you’re talking to them. Then, let them know you have the Consumers often skim right over ads and other communications because they assume it’s not meant for them. However, if you grab them by the eyeballs and make them notice that you’re talking to them, they just might want to pay attention.
  • Work with Influencers. What is an influencer? Or a micro-influencer? It’s someone who has a significant number of followers who look to them for advice, example, entertainment, news, etc. It’s the type of person who can say they tried something (and liked it) and a substantial portion of their following will go out and try it, too. You want people like this to be talking about your brand, so choose an influencer whose list is made up of your ideal customers and offer them a deal they can’t refuse.
  • Leverage the Power of Referrals. I’m certain that you have at least one customer who is your ideal customer (if you don’t, you need the join the Brand Builders Club NOW), and if they’re happy with what they’ve been getting from your brand, they’ll be happy to talk about it to more of your ideal customers. Ask them for testimonials, referrals and recommendations. You may even want to offer them some type of reward for bringing in new customers. This usually doesn’t take too much convincing, because people usually want to be one who recommended something great to their friends.

These tiny, but mighty, tidbits should get you started on the path to visibility in all the right circles. Remember that you can have a killer brand, but unless the people who can use it know about it, it’s just dead.

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