You are using social media as part of your brand development strategy. You’re updating your brand’s status with titillating information, valuable offers, engaging content…and you’re doing it in the right social media networks, with the right language, and during the right time(s) of day.


If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Join me to learn about the principles of brand development using social media – in all the right ways.

Social Media Sharing for Brilliant Brand Development

As you work to enhance your brand development efforts, social media MUST play a role. Statistic Brain tells us that Facebook boasts 1.4 billion global users, who spend more than 15.5 hours per month, per person, on this social media network alone. That doesn’t account for Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube subscribers.

As you can see, missing out on social media quickly equates to missing out on a significant number of potentially loyal clients for your brand.

Now that you’re convinced of social media’s power, it’s time to discuss those ten points I promised in the title – ten ‘laws,’ if you will, for getting the most out of your social media shares. Adhere to these principles, and you can expect more traffic, more engagement, and more earning potential from your brand development efforts:

  1. Share your blog posts on your social media channels. Not only will this increase social media engagement, it will boost traffic to your blog, which will increase its search engine results rankings. This kind of activity demonstrates the inbound links and social indicators necessary for top rankings.


  1. We also suggest linking to your social media channels from blog posts. These are outbound links – which are also indicators of merit to search engines (which will be rewarded with enhanced search engine rankings).
  2. Historically, social media status updates that include hashtags see more activity and engagement. Hashtags will help people to find your brand, will categorise your status updates for organisational purposes, and will help the respective social media channel to present your status updates to people who have indicated an interest in those things you’re posting about. I suggest using two to three hashtags in each post.
  3. The keywords and keyword phrases that you’ve determined to be important to your brand development should be included in your status updates.
  4. The number of analytics disclosing the best times of day to post for each network is staggering – and it seems that every study delivers results that contradict the previous one. With that in mind, study the analytics offered by your social networks to determine which times of day result in the highest engagement numbers for your audience, and go with them. Keep in mind that each network will be different – so treat each as its own entity.
  5. Generally speaking, the shorter the status update, the more shares it will net.
  6. Request that readers share your status updates. Studies have shown that when brands request shares, they tend to get more of them.
  7. Use numbers in status updates. For example, when this blog post is shared on the How to Build a Brand social media channels, we will be sure to indicate that readers will find Ten Laws of Social Media Sharing inside. This method offers a specific promise to busy readers, and they’ll feel confident in clicking because they know what to expect.
  8. The word FREE has been, and always will be, a powerful attention-getting tool. If your brand is offering a free registration or a free gift, share that on social media to boost engagement and to amass followers.
  9. As you begin to use social media to boost your brand development efforts, conduct searches within each social media channel you’re using to determine if there’s a market there for what you’re offering. Note the type of content that’s getting the most engagement. Tweak your offerings in order to move closer to what your ideal clients are biting, and monitor analytics to determine if your decisions are pushing brand development in the right direction.

I could talk about social media sharing and brand development all day – and still not run out of advice for building your brand. Why not learn more and continue this conversation by visiting the How to Build a Brand website or subscribing to our FREE 6 Step Brand L.E.A.D.E.R. programme today?

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