Failing to market your content should be a crime! Think of all the time and energy you devoted to creating content that would serve your ideal customers…only to allow it to perish, alone, on a lonely, forgotten website.

This can’t be.

content-marketingContent creation is uber-crucial to the success of your website and your brand; however, without the proper marketing to get that content in front of the right eyes and attract more ideal customers to your website, it’s pointless.

Let’s sharpen the point on that content, and talk about how you can get it to all the right people.

Tips for Effective Marketing of your Website Content

The content on your web pages and in your blog is scintillating. It answers the questions your ideal customers are asking and it addresses pressing issues in your industry. It is relevant to the problems your audience members experience and it offers valuable advice, freely and with the level of support people would expect from a friend.

But yet…no one knows about it.

Here are some pieces of advice for you to follow as you work to make your website content a matter of public record:

  • Push Traffic with Email: Hopefully, you’ve been working to build your contact list, with the understanding that quality is much more important than quantity. I would rather you have 10 people on your list who are genuinely interested in your brand than 1000 who could care less. Send one to three emails every week to your list—emails that are aimed at serving your target audience. Give them advice, offer your expertise…and include a link to a relevant blog post in each one. This will increase traffic to your website and start to build awareness about the awesomeness contained there.
  • Share and Promote with Social Media: Social media is the modern networking condition, and there’s a good chance that your ideal customers are interacting there. Determine which platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) your ideal customers are using and share your blog posts there, always remembering to package them not as a sales pitch, but as a service to their needs and problems. Encourage interactions and engage with every person who comments.
  • Outbound Links: Outbound links within your website’s content—particularly if those links lead to high-profile websites—are great for your search engine rankings. Link to those websites and articles that support and complement, but don’t compete with, your brand. This will demonstrate to your readers that you’re in touch with their needs and understand what types of things they’re interested in, bringing them back to your website again and again. And since your search engine rankings will be enhanced, you’ll be more likely to get increased organic traffic to your site, too.
  • Inbound Links: Work to establish relationships with other brands in your industry. Show them the value that your brand holds for their customers. Then give them reasons to link to your content from their pages. This will likely be a reciprocal [often unspoken] agreement (i.e. You link to mine and I’ll link to yours).
  • Encourage Sharing: When you change someone’s processes, outlook or business…thanks to expert advice you’ve freely offered to them, they will feel compelled to repay you for that. Let them know what you would appreciate most. Encourage them to share your content on their own pages—because their friends are likely to need the same things they do.
  • Answer One Key Question: No matter how or where you’re sharing your content, always remember to introduce it with a spirit of why they should care. Today’s consumers are busy, with short attention spans. They need to know, within the first few seconds, what’s in it for them. Understand your ideal customer well enough to recognise what’s most important to them and then serve it up, right out of the starting gate.
  • Strive for Consistency: All of your content should further your brand message; however, there’s more. Every time you talk about your content, introduce it, review it, share it…ensure that your language and your presentation furthers your brand message, too. From the time your audience reads your introduction to the very last sentence in the content you’re sharing, they should feel that they know what to expect from you and that you’ve remained authentic throughout.

What type of exciting content do you have to share? There are ingenious ways to get it to all the right people, and you could be missing out on your top method for success. Don’t let opportunity pass you by. Join The Brand Builders Club, your connection for brand building, global community masterminding, exclusive expert advice, event discounts, and much, much more.

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