Have you been thinking about hosting a webinar? Or about conducting one that’s more successful than your past attempts?

Webinars are fantastic tools for a number of reasons. They offer unique opportunities to…

  • demonstrate your expertise
  • build trust in your brand
  • establish thought leadership within your industry
  • connect with your customers

They’re also pretty awesome for a number of reasons. They allow you to…

  • interact with people from varying locations, all around the world
  • connect without leaving your office
  • record and repurpose for marketing purposes

Many of you will find yourselves stressing about whom to address, what to say, how long to talk…when what you should be concerned about is getting the word out about the event and compelling people to attend.

Because after all, a webinar without an audience is not working to build your brand.

Let’s talk about the best ways to boost attendance for your next webinar.

Marketing your Webinar

You know how to notify your current customers about your upcoming webinar. You might send out an email blast, call them to personally invite them or post updates to the social media places where they’re following your brand.

But is that really the point?

Sure, you want your current customers there so you can continue to add value for them. But how about some new blood? How about all the ideal customers you haven’t yet made contact with? The ones who would eat up that webinar and come back to your brand for more?

Here’s how I suggest you market your webinar to them:

  • Have marketable content. What will you talk about in your webinar? Whatever it is, you must make sure that it’s what your ideal customer wants and needs. You must solve their most burning problem; relieve their most nagging pain. When you have the content they’re searching for, marketing in all platforms will be simpler and more effective.
  • Use a simple, recognizable broadcasting service. Go To Webinars, Cisco WebEx Event Center, Click Webinars, Intercall Webcast Studio, VoxWire Webinars, Adobe Connect Webinars, Infinite Conferencing, Huddle, Infinite Conferencing, Zoho Meeting, Mega Meeting, iLinc…and of course, Facebook Live…are a few options you might want to explore. Look into what your target audience is accustomed to using and start there. Using a service they trust will increase the chances of them participating.
  • webinar-marketingWrite a blog post about the webinar. A social media post about the webinar will offer some information, but you don’t have much space in which to name the problem, rub salt in the wound, offer a solution, call to action…but you can do all of that in a blog post that you share and promote on social media. Be sure to include an image that really speaks to the problem you’re solving or the benefit you’re offering. You’ll want it to touch the hearts of your audience, because it’s the first thing they’ll notice.
  • Create an email campaign and encourage your current list to share. Like I mentioned above, an email blast will only reach current customers; however, you can ask them to share and even offer an incentive for every referral who attends. Use email to share the blog post you wrote about the webinar. Send emails that serve your people’s needs with valuable information. And, on a much smaller scale, use email to directly sell the webinar.
  • Start a movement with hashtags. Hashtags are more than annoying colloquialisms used by teens. They are social media search terms with the potential to become viral movements. So why not create your own, promoting the webinar, and share it at every opportunity? Not only will followers start to use it when talking about your brand, others will find your brand and/or your webinar when they search the problem they have, the solution they need or the benefit they want.
  • Start a PPC campaign. There are people searching for brands like yours, right? What are they seeing when they conduct internet searches? If you invest in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, your webinar has the potential to appear above the fold on the first page of search results. Learn more here.
  • Purchase a Facebook ad. Ever wonder about the ads you see pop up in your news feed whilst browsing Facebook? Well, an ad marketing your webinar could appear, just like that, in the news feeds of your ideal customers. Simply click on “Boost Post” when you create a Facebook post about your webinar, and you’ll be given the opportunity to create an ad aimed at your target audience. Use the engagement analytics to determine how well the aid is faring and make future adjustments based on what you learn.

I would venture to say that the marketing of your webinar is more pressing that the construction of the actual event…at least for now. You have everything in your head that you need to serve your ideal customers; however, you’ll never get the chance to do that if they don’t come.

There’s so much more to talk about regarding webinars, marketing and building your brand. Why not join me and my community of motivated entrepreneurs and business owners in the How to Build a Brand Facebook group? You’ll get support, advice, networking opportunities, weekly live B.R.A.N.D. Breakthroughs sessions and much more.

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