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Would you like more, high value customers?

Would you like to find them more easily?

Would you like them to pay more money?

   Perhaps you are working hard to find new customers… but attracting them is harder than you thought.

   Maybe you are responsible for marketing, but there’s so much to do that you just don’t know where to start.

   Perhaps you just want to be told what to do so you get it right first time.

   Maybe you are limited on resources and want to focus your time only on the marketing activities that work.

   Perhaps you’d like your existing customers to spend more money with you… but your competitors are more attractive right now.

   Maybe you are pulling your hair out and want advice from people who have already successfully achieved what you want to do.

You are the Go To expert in your industry. You already KNOW this. BUT more of your target customers NEED to know it TOO!

Yes Please! Show me how to subscribe to Brand Brains

With our proven branding techniques, marketing strategies, business growth tips and advanced customer attraction activities to help you build visibility and credibility in the right places, YOU are in the RIGHT PLACE for business acceleration.

Do you want monthly support to help you grow your business, save time, attract better quality customers and make more money?
Would you like to fast-track your results by being told exactly what to do to get the best business growth results?

Would you like to know THE PROVEN SUCCESS strategies that 12 Highly Successful Business Growth Experts Used In The Last 30 Days To:

  • Make Videos That Turn Strangers Into Profitable Customers
  • Write Catchy And Memorable ContentThat Builds Your Customer List
  • Avoid Blogging Mistakes That Will Damage Your Brand
  • Expand Your Brand To Achieve Financial Stability
  • Use Google To Establish Top Rankings For Your Business
  • Automate Your Emails To Transform YOUR Conversions
  • Build Your Brand Profile Using Social Media
  • Become A Published Author
  • Get In Front Of Your Ideal Customers
  • And so, so much more?

Well, here it is!




Here Is What Else YOU Will Find In Issue 7 Of Brand Brains Monthly…

  • Branding: 7 Reasons Why 99% Of Marketing Materials Don’t Work
  • YouTube: How To Optimise Your YouTube Channel To Outrank Your Competitors
  • Content: The Art Of Creating Your Brand Story
  • Facebook: If The Money Is In The List, How Do You Get It Out?
  • Blogging – Top Ten Ways To Get Prospects Buzzing About Your Blog
  • Business: Three Top Tools To Systemise Your Business Processes
  • Google Adwords: Measuring The Success Of Your Online Branding Campaigns
  • Ask the Experts – Your Questions Answered
  • Brand Strategy: Top Tips For Marketing Measurement
  • Publishing: Top Five Tips For Planning Your Book Content
  • Useful Links, Courses and Resources
  • Branding: How To Open Your Values Treasure Chest
  • And much, much more….

The Brand Brains is a collective of experts who are specialists in 12 different areas of branding, marketing and business growth strategy.

Each month they bring you advice, tips, activities and ideas based on the most successful strategies they’ve implemented ON THEIR OWN BUSINESSES, using their own money over the last 30 days.

This saves you all the time, money and energy of finding out yourself (the hard way) what works and what doesn’t, what’s free or low cost, what’s easy to implement and what gets you the most exposure to your ideal customers quickly.

“It’s positive clear and packed with information that’s highly valuable to my health & fitness business. The Brand Brains is my new bible!!!!”

Zahra Shah

Just one issue of The Brand Brains is the equivalent of having twelve super successful Marketing Directors, Brand Strategy Specialists, SEO Experts, Social Media Marketers, Blogging Experts, Content Specialists, Video Marketing Guru’s and Business Advisors helping you to grow your business! Time with any one of these experts would cost you a minimum of £250 per hour, so the advice given in each issue is worth in excess of £3000!

How does it work?

Simply download the magazine, pick one article every day throughout the month and implement the advice given. That’s it! Then the next month use the next issue to continue building your brand. Just commit to takingaction on one activity from each issue of the magazine every day and your business will grow exponentially over the next 12 months.

Even if you don’t personally have time to do this yourself, a member of your team or an outsourcer can use The Brand Brains to give them ideas on what to do, so they are marketing your business for you in the most effective, productive and efficient way possible.


Whether you need strategic marketing advice, want to know what business technology is making waves right now, or you need guidance on how to build a brand, Brand Brains has 24 pages of tailored content that will turn even the most tentative idea into a blooming success. If you want the highest quality business features and interviews then there’s only one publication for you…

The Brand Brains – The No.1 Monthly Marketing Resource For Small Businesses

“The experts behind The Brand Brains really do practice what they preach. Their vast knowledge, experience and credibility make this a great marketing investment”

Viviana Oliver

We advise thousanBlondeTopLeft1-282x300ds of businesses every year that are fed up of their business not making the kind of money it could be making. Perhaps you feel the same way and know that you deserve better, if you only knew which marketing works.
Would you like to know how to grow your business and build your brand in a way that is WORKING RIGHT NOW – All for less than the price of three Starbucks coffees?

Here’s the thing… you will learn the proven strategies and techniques that the experts at The Brand Brains have invested their own time and money into so that you do not have to.

With The Brand Brains monthly, jam-packed, 24 page series of proven marketing strategies and techniques, you will be able to integrate activities into your business to make a REAL difference.

Would that be good for you?
Because, let’s face it, what you really want is a thriving business, more money to give you the lifestyle you deserve and the TIME to enjoy it with the ones you love!

So, what are you waiting for?

Make a change!
Take Control!
Act NOW!

Get your business to where YOU want it to be!

“The Brand Brains is an amazing resource with so many great tips and advice about building your brand from experts who obviously know their stuff!”

Joanna Ellis


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