Social media is the backbone of today’s communication and social interaction. It has become as commonplace as the air we breathe—and for many, it feels just as essential. So what can you do to leverage the power of this communication giant to build brand awareness? How can you put it to work for your brand?

Staying connected with regular status updates used to be enough. Now, achieving brand awareness through social media engagement requires attention to the most influential practices that are colouring the social media experience for users on all levels.

Let’s talk about these practices, and how each one can build brand awareness, engagement, loyalty…and ultimately, your bottom line.


Leveraging Social Media for Brand Awareness

During a time in the not-so-distant past, social media was a self-contained entity. Interactions were reserved to the social channels themselves. Now, the influence of social media has broadened to reach into our daily lives. It has teamed up with our television-watching, shopping, and party mingling to qualify itself as a real-world experience.


So how can your brand jump on-board with all that’s hot in social media? Our brand awareness experts suggest that you start with these the top five most influential practices in social media:

  1. Group Buying: This type of social offering gives participants the chance to experience deep discounts, but only if a set number of buyers commit to ‘the deal.’ The advantage for consumers is, of course, the discount. The advantage for brands is an influx of new customers, a sharp and rapid spike in activity, and the prospect of gaining brand awareness and loyal clients. This is a loss leader proposition, but many brands have found that the hit they take with programmes like Groupon are negated by the new business they net.
  2. Smartphone Barcode Scanning: Even if you’ve never downloaded a bar-code scanning app, you’ve likely seen the plenty of opportunities to scan those little codes for promises of big experiences. For a brand that’s willing to ride the wave of social scanning, the possibilities are endless. Scanning is growing in popularity for one distinct reason: it connects real-world behaviours with social media engagement. So what can your brand do with this technology? Allow consumers to comparison-shop, check-in with their physical locations, gather valuable information, score discounts, and more. And how can your brand benefit? You will increase social media engagement whilst gathering invaluable information about your target audience’s behaviour—which can then be used to steer future brand-building and brand awareness activities.
  3. Entertainment Check-ins: Gone are the days when social media talk about favourite TV shows meant typing status updates. Services are cropping up that make it simpler (and more interactive) for users to share their real-time entertainment updates. What does this mean for your brand? Well, if you’re an entertainment company, it’s an opportunity for real engagement. For all other brands, there’s a distinct opportunity for tracking the activities and inclinations of your target audience members.
  4. Mobile Loyalty Programmes: Most consumers are so frustrated with the mass of loyalty and discount cards in their wallets that the prospect of a social-media-based mobile app in place of a card is bound to sound sweet. Rewards can be based on social media check-ins or other activities of your brand’s choosing. No matter how you ‘punch’ it, you can’t lose by offering consumers a convenience factor.
  5. Intelligent Information Discovery: This question-answering platform differs from applications like Siri, in that rather than delivering answers that are based solely on concrete data, it delivers information that is relevant because of its social proof. Answers are based on social media users’ check-ins, purchases, likes, and more. Brands that choose to use these digital answer plants enjoy more comprehensive insights into the moves of ideal clients, as well as competitors.

Are you ready to involve your brand in these, the top five most influential social media practices? Not sure which ones will most intensely benefit your brand? Then it’s time to register for our one-day B.R.A.N.D. Kick Starter Online Masterclass. From the comfort of your own office (or living room), you will learn how to build brand awareness through social media, and so much more. Register here.

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