In order to build a brand, you must first identify your ideal customer. Who has the problem you can solve? Who will most fervently believe in (and share) your values? And who will pay you what you’re worth, all the while thoroughly appreciating what you’ll deliver to them?

This is your ideal customer. Add to these answers some demographics, like geography, gender, education, age, relationship status…and you’ll have an ideal customer profile to study, get to know and then speak to in all branded communications.

And those people are ready and waiting for your brand to burst onto the scene, right?


Many of your ideal customers don’t even know they need your brand. Either they haven’t…

  • recognised they have a problem
  • correctly identified their problem
  • realised there’s a solution available to their problem
  • learned that there’s a better way to solve their problem
  • understood that the dissatisfaction or the gap they’re experiencing can be eliminated
  • found out that there’s someone out there who does it better

These people may be the ones who most desperately need your brand—and yet, they don’t know it. Either they haven’t been enlightened to the possibilities or they are persistent in the same thinking that has kept them in their current situation.

So how can your brand change their minds? How can you bring light to all that is possible for them and open their minds to something different and better?


Change Minds: to Change How Well you Build a Brand

Here’s the truth: Not everyone is ready to buy…from you.

In marketing, we often talk about that target audience—the ones who are just waiting for your message. And so, we conjure visions in our minds of masses of people salivating for our brands, ready to jump at the first offered deal, with just a moment’s notice…like our brands are the one thing they’ve wished for their entire lives.

Not quite.

Some of the best customers you’ll work with will be those who didn’t think they needed you. You have your work cut out for you; however, if you take the following tips to heart, and really commit to revealing to these people what no one else has shown them, then you will have the most loyal kind of clientele. You must change what they believe. And here’s how:

  • Make a list of misunderstandings about your industry. Reveal the truth to someone, and you will not only begin to change their mind, they will feel indebted to you and your brand when that change occurs. And there’s another side effect: When people change their minds about long-held beliefs, other circumstances start to come to light: like how they were far more uncomfortable than they realised…and right there is your solution, waiting for them.
  • Rub salt in the [tiny] wound. We’ve all heard this one, right? Aggravate your prospects’ discomfort until they come screaming for relief. Well, what if they don’t even know there’s a wound? What if it’s a tiny papercut? Not something they’d rush to the hospital for? Well, then, it’s up to you to make that tiny papercut hurt like an open, gaping wound. Show them the consequences of the untreated problem. Give them examples of what happened to others like them. Make it seem like common sense to treat that wound now, before it grows into something that infects the entire system.
  • Make a list of the facts your current clients find most fascinating. These are the things they haven’t heard from anyone but you. This is gold, because you have cornered the market on little-known facts or on facts you have discovered for yourself, through surveys, experimentation or case studies. This will not only help to demonstrate your expertise, it will work to open the minds of those who thought they “knew it all.” Use these facts in free-giveaway lead magnets, like reports, book chapters, ebooks, guides, webinars and more.
  • Show them the other side. build-a-brandMany of your ideal customers are currently working with your competition. And in many cases, this is all they know. This may be the process they’ve grown up with, the best they can imagine. But what if there were more? What if they could get it faster, with higher quality or in a more enjoyable manner? What if they could feel more important or have a more memorable, emotionally satisfying experience? What if they were capable of more than the competition is giving them credit for? Show them how your brand is different, in everything you do, and the temptation might just be enough to draw them in.

Does this paint a picture for you of what your brand is capable of? Can you see the future, and all the ideal customers that you’ll attract to your brand? Good, because the possibilities are endless if you’re ready to commit to changing minds.

These are just the basics. Put them to work for your brand, and watch your brand grow. And when you’re ready for more advanced techniques, or for more in-depth methods of enacting the above methods, check out our offerings to help you build a brand. There’s the B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp, the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator programme, the online B.R.A.N.D. Building Masterclass…and so much more. Visit our website to learn more.

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