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You are here because one of our Brand Builders Club members thinks you have a great business, a brilliant reputation and you are ready to get stuck into your next phase of growth. Congratulations! Only trusted, credible leaders receive an exclusive invite to get a glimpse into our world of transformation, elevation and acceleration.

The reason they will have invited you is because they know that you already know enough... But that’s not enough on its own to attract your ideal customers. It’s what you DO to attract them USING what you know that will make the greatest difference!

You’ve no doubt found that marketing and branding is expensive, time consuming and a gamble every time you invest in it - especially if you don’t have the full ‘know how’ to implement it. In fact, it’s the not knowing ‘HOW’ that paralyses millions of business owners into doing nothing at all. Some of the other obstacles we hear regularly are...

  • Knowing where to begin is challenging
  • A lot of the training you get sold is unnecessary
  • Having only your own ideas and perspective is limiting
  • Without guidance, the hard way is inevitable
  • Distraction is easy without accountability
  • Managing your own time can be difficult
  • Being in business on your own can be very lonely

So how can an entrepreneur like you, overcome these barriers to success easily and efficiently?

Meet Sammy Blindell... Sammy built six companies and branded over 1200 other businesses before launching How To Build A Brand in 2014. She encountered so many obstacles along the way, including all of those listed above! It’s this which prompted her to set herself a challenge when she sold her last company in 2013... To launch a brand new business and earn £15,000 over the following 12 weeks, using FREE marketing activities to prove what can be achieved for small business owners with little to no budget.

Imagine her delight when she over-achieved her target by over £9000 during that period and took the company from £0 to £18,000 of MONTHLY revenue - yes Monthly! How To Build A Brand also shot up from 473,000,000 on Google to number 3 at the top of the first page in that same 12 weeks. All of this was achieved without spending anything on marketing!

So if you want to learn the easy way, fast-track your success without cutting corners and over-achieve your goals too along the way, join Sammy, her team and our other Brand Builders Club members at the next Brand Builders Club Members Day.

You’ll thank yourself for it!

"Let's work together on this one day intensive srategic system to make your next three months in business the most easy, enjoyable and profitable of your entrepreneurial journey so far"

Sammy xx

Sammy Blindell, CEO How To Build A Brand


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