If you’ve been following your website’s analytics, I hope you’ve noticed that your website traffic is on the rise. This not only means that your website is becoming more interesting and useful to more people, it means that you will be rewarded with higher search engine rankings.

But let’s not get too carried away just yet. There’s more to this than just the number of website visitors. It really does matter what types of visitors they are, how much time they’re spending there, and more.

With more and more brand builders turning to social media to drive traffic to their websites (and rightly so), I think it’s important to understand that what you’re doing on social media affects the results you’re getting on your website.

So let’s get started talking about the quality of the website traffic you should be striving for, and the best ways to get it.

Get the Website Traffic your Competition wants

As with most things in branding, quality is more important than quantity. It’s true for names on your contact list, ideal customers in your target audience…and now website visitors, too.

Here are some tips I’ve compiled to help you drive the kind of traffic to your website that will work to build your brand:

  • Work to encourage website visitors to stay awhile. If your website’s visitors are bouncing right out once they arrive, your search engine rankings will suffer. Hook them straight away, within the first few seconds. Make them want to scroll and click. Now, this is going to take some deep research into the behaviours and needs of your ideal customer; however, when you get this right, it will seem like everything else is falling into place.
  • Share your website’s content…and this. Whenever you publish something new on your website that you feel would help or interest your audience, share the link to that content on your website. Use the “hook” language from the blog post or new webpage content in the social media post, and then invite people to click through to your website for the rest of the story. This will not only increase quality traffic to your website, it will increase the chances of readers wanting to hang out for a while (because they’re interested in reading the rest of what you shared).
  • website-trafficUpload videos (with links) to YouTube. Popping videos directly onto webpages is a waste of what could be a roaring traffic motorway from the top-engaging social media site, YouTube. Upload all of your videos to YouTube, and include links to your website at every opportunity (description, comments, etc.). You can then use each video’s YouTube URL to stream it on your website and social media pages.
  • Join social media groups applicable to your brand. When you find groups on LinkedIn or Facebook that appeal to you (and your ideal customers), you will not only make the kind of quality connections needed to build your brand, you will come upon loads of opportunities to refer people to your website.
  • Send new contacts to your website from your social media pages. Did you know that your website’s search engine rankings will improve with more unique visitors? In other words, if the same 1000 people are visiting your website every week, the first page of Google may remain out of your reach. However, if 1000 unique visitors are stopping in (and staying for a while), your website will soon be working its way up the list. To accomplish this, keep track of new social media followers and give them reasons to visit your website.
  • Start a Facebook group. This will appeal to your super niches: those people uber-interested in particular aspects of your business. In the group(s), they can connect with others like them and get concentrated information about those subjects most relevant to them. They’re also more likely to be engaged and feel loyalty toward your brand. Stay active and connected in the group, and take opportunities (usually whilst answering questions and offering advice) to point them back to helpful information contained within your website.
  • Spread your website links around. We’re all pretty good at putting our website links in our social media posts; however, it’s just as important to include them in our profiles, in About sections, photo captions and comments (where relevant, of course).

These are just a few examples of how you can drive coveted high-quality website traffic to your hub, your virtual store, the entity that will sell whilst you sleep. Your website really is that important, and it can only do its job if you’re getting the right people to it.

Need more information on how to create a buzzing website for your brand? Then, please, connect with How to Build a Brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube…and of course, our website. Take a look at all the resources available to you, and you’ll begin to get a picture of just how spectacular your brand can be.

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