If a group of brand designers were to ask you, “What is the purpose of a website?” would you be able to give just one answer? Any single answer to this question would be incomplete, because a website’s purposes are multiple. Today, we’re telling you what brand designers know: It takes a multipurpose team to design a multipurpose website.

Websites: Functional and Brand-Building with the help of Brand Designers

Every website has at least two main functions: To provide a virtual store where people can learn and buy, and to build a brand through the delivery of a brand message.

You wouldn’t expect an engineer to design a new concept, and then also build it, operate it, market it, and clean it, too. It makes no more sense to expect copywriters to write code, or to expect web developers to design a visual web identity, or to expect brand designers to craft compelling copy. And these are just a few of the things every website needs in order to function well and forward brand awareness.


Here are the minimal requirements for every website. Typically, these tasks are divided among Brand Developers, Brand Designers, Copywriters, and SEO Specialists who collaborate for the two common goals mentioned above:

  • Branded Concept: One of the worst things any business owner can do for a website is to imprison a brand in a pre-designed theme or template. A concept is much more than photos and a logo. It’s an idea. It’s a model that provides the basis for all website elements, and once it’s in place, decisions that support it should be easy to make. Your concept should be communicated using language, colours, fonts, images, navigation features, your brand story…everything your ideal client will encounter whilst visiting your website. Have a clear, unique concept and the rest of the site will follow.
  • Substantiated Proof: It is true that people make decisions based on emotion, but as soon as that’s done, they’re looking for facts with which to convince themselves they’ve done the right thing. Avoid presenting these facts in a bland list. Instead, mix it up. Laboratory data, graphs, market research, reviews and testimonials are just a few examples of how you can package facts that give people reasons to believe that your brand is the real deal.
  • More than Facts: Focus on your brand story, and creative ideas will follow. This is bound to be unique. Now tell it using an unconventional method, like video, a slide show, an interactive game, a cartoon, or anything that is both innovative and effective. Your website should never be mistaken for another, or resemble another because it’s no more than a regurgitation of facts.
  • Irresistible Call-to-Action: Anyone can pop a button onto a webpage, but persuading people to click on that button is the work of professional copywriters and brand designers. Think of it this way: every webpage should be created with a desired action in mind, and each one should then be crafted like an-easy-to-follow pathway to that action. Create an experience rather than a static page, and people will want to be part of it.

As you begin your search for a website design team, keep these basics in mind. Your website should be more than functional. It should be more than beautiful. It should be more than a marketing tool for your brand.

Professional brand designers understand the importance of a website that functions well…and functions well in the market. Websites have become critical pieces of framework for the modern brand—as important as brick-and-mortar stores were to the brands of yesteryear. So why cut corners? Invest in the right band of people. Invest in a website that will build your brand, sell your product, and solidify your reputation as an expert.

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