Your website isn’t just an auxiliary portal for attracting customers. Websites, and other pages that point consumers toward websites, are quickly becoming the primary avenues through which people will find you.

So what are you doing to make sure that your brand message is loud-and-clear throughout all of these channels? Choosing the right brand design expert is one gigantic step toward success in this arena, and today, we’re giving advice on how to get that done—right, the first time.

A Brand Design Professional Who’s Perfect for Your Brand

Having a website that is easy-to-navigate, comprehensive, and attractive to your audience could mean the difference between internet success and disappointment. That’s why it’s so important to choose a web and brand design expert who knows how to increase your bottom line with innovative new developments in web design.

Here are some questions you should ask any digital brand design expert before entering into a website design contract:

  • Will the web design sales professional you’ve been speaking to be designing your website? Or will the project be handed off to one of any number of web designers…any of whom you may have never spoken to? You see, in order for a web designer to create a concept that truly represents your organisation, you should be interacting directly with that person.
  • Will the web design firm charge a flat fee? If not, you could fall victim to hourly charges that far exceed what you had bargained for.
  • Is the brand design professional prepared to offer examples of past work? And can you find that work on the internet? Everyone starts somewhere – that’s true, but How to Build a Brand doesn’t recommend that you entrust the future of your online business to an amateur.
  • Is the web designer willing to provide references? Past clients who have had plenty of time (at least a year) to reap the benefits of the web design firm’s work can offer unique insight into just how effective his or her design can be. Have sales increased? Have search engine results improved? Has online traffic been boosted? These are all valid questions, and unless they can be measured significantly and positive results can be proven, the web design expert you’re considering might not be the right choice.
  • Is the brand design firm ready to provide an entire spectrum of services? Can they take your website from an embryonic concept to a dynamic and optimised web presence…and then fine-tune that presence, as needed, for SEO purposes? When your brand is born and nurtured at the same firm that sees it through to fruition, processes can be seamless and interconnected. If hopping around to different firms for different services, obvious rifts in concept might arise—and those rifts will be evident to consumers.


  • Does the web design company offer other services like direct mail, branding strategy, content writing, and social media training? If not, you might find yourself wasting time and valuable energy in finding supplementary services that match the competence of the web design expert you’ve chosen.

The right brand design professional will make a massive difference in the results your brand experiences. Take the time, early on, to make these important decisions, and you will forge ahead with zero regrets and hero profit margins. Want more? Then you’re ready for our FREE B.R.A.N.D. Kickstarter Online Masterclass. Enrolment is simple at, so don’t waste another minute. Did we mention it’s FREE?

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